Eddy Current Tester delivers multimodal operation.

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MultiMac(TM) operates with encircling/sector test coils for detecting short-surface defects and/or rotary test probes for identifying long, seam-type surface defects. Test Screen displays single channel, and Multi-Screen provides simultaneous display of 1-8 channels. Each channel can be individually configured with different frequencies and channel modes. Along with end-suppression circuitry, systems offer recording capability and remote access via in-plant network or Internet.

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Magnetic Analysis Corp. Introduces Multimac(TM) Multi-Mode Eddy Current Tester

MOUNT VERNON, N.Y./February 14, 2008 - Magnetic Analysis Corp. (MAC) introduces MultiMac(TM), a new Windows® based, multi-mode eddy current tester that operates with encircling/sector test coils (to detect short-surface defects) and/or rotary test probes (to identify long, seam-type surface defects). The new multi-mode capability incorporates all of the best features of MAC's individual encircling coil and rotary probe instruments into one unit.

The MultiMac includes up to eight test channels, and a wide selection of test parameters and special circuits to enhance signal-to-noise ratio. Building on the successful Echohunter® software graphics, the instrument's Test Screen displays a single channel, and the Multi-Screen provides a simultaneous display of 1 to 8 channels. The Test Screen provides all the information needed to set up and operate MultiMac. Both screens display simultaneous polar and linear modes and all test parameters, including thresholds.

Each channel on the MultiMac can be individually configured with different frequencies and different channel modes. For example, "differential" mode is used to detect short weld-line defects, while "absolute" mode is appropriate for long, continuous surface flaws and open welds. A choice of three thresholds per channel - All Phase, Sector, or Chord - can be mapped to any of eight outputs, independently configurable for time or distance delay and normal reject or latched mode.

With these features, MultiMac can be used to test a wide variety of non-magnetic products, or inspect magnetic material by using Direct Current saturation systems. A special configuration of channels, based on flux leakage phenomenon, provides detection of very small subsurface steel inclusions in copper or aluminum rod. Test speeds for the MultiMac can range from one fpm up to several thousand fpm. MultiMac offers end-suppression circuitry with optional optical sensor to prevent false signals from leading and trailing ends.

The MultiMac offers enhanced recording capability and remote access through in-plant networks or the Internet. Featuring user-configurable reports, data output can include customer and product information, defect location, time, amplitude, and phase. Reports can be stored locally on a network server or on a flash memory device using the USB port.

Operator interface for the Windows-based system is by use of a keyboard and mouse. The all-inclusive model, designed for demanding plant environments, consists of a sealed, heavy-duty cabinet with a built-in 17" monitor, air conditioner and pull-out keyboard. Other smaller models can be supplied with the pull-out keyboard, an air conditioner and separate, optional monitor.

Magnetic Analysis Corporation has 80 years of experience as a leader in non-destructive testing. The company developed the first American-made system using electromagnetic principles for the detection of flaws in steel bar products. Since then, MAC has grown to become a major source of eddy current, flux leakage and ultrasonic equipment and systems for testing metals throughout the world. With headquarters and manufacturing plant in Mount Vernon, N.Y., a European plant in Őstersund, Sweden, and field engineers and representatives located throughout North and Central America, Brazil, Chile, Europe, Australia, Turkey, Korea, India, and China, customers worldwide can be served.

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