Econolite Expands Partnership with TrafficCast to Develop BlueTOAD(TM) Module for Centracs® Advanced Transportation Management System

Bluetooth-Based Solution Represents the Most Advanced Travel Time System Available for Traffic Operations and Planning

Anaheim, Calif.- Econolite, today announced that it has expanded its partnership with TrafficCast International and will integrate real time data from the TrafficCast BlueTOAD travel time module into its Centracs Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS), further enhancing traffic monitoring, operations and planning capabilities for its customers.

BlueTOAD (Bluetooth Travel-time Origination And Destination) cost-effectively and non-intrusively detects anonymous mobile device identifications used to connect Bluetooth devices such as cell phones and in-vehicle hands-free kits. The technology solution calculates highly accurate travel times through analysis of timestamps on subsequent tags of passing vehicles, and can also identify route behaviors from vehicle movements. By providing travel time and speeds in real time, BlueTOAD provides transportation agencies with the powerful traffic data to help support comprehensive traffic corridor management, including proactive planning - a critical capability of any Intelligent Transportation System (ITS).

"BlueTOAD's unique capability of enabling granular road speed coverage for areas such as arterials and freeway on/off ramps complements Econolite's Centracs ATMS solution," said TrafficCast Vice President of Public Sector Sales Paul Misticawi. "We look forward to expanding our partnership and to working with Econolite's latest ATMS system offering."

As ITS programs continue to leverage smart technologies, such as BlueTOAD and Centracs ATMS, to enhance mobility, the importance of gathering immediate and accurate traffic data as a means to reach the full potential of an ITS program will only continue to grow. "BlueTOAD is the definitive travel-time and road speed analysis system available and we are excited to begin work towards incorporating its real time information into Centracs," said Econolite Senior Vice President of Sales and Product Management Jeff Spinazze. "As the proven solution for measuring travel times, BlueTOAD also has the ability to provide the critical real-time traffic evaluation data agencies need to proactively plan for evolving traffic conditions. Together, TrafficCast and Econolite can provide integrated transportation management solutions for both freeways and arterial corridors."

About Econolite

In business since 1933, Econolite is a leading transportation solution provider and manufacturer of advanced traffic controllers (NEMA & ATC/2070), Centracs® and Aries® Advanced Transportation Management Systems (ATMS), Autoscope® video vehicle detection systems, arterial systems masters, vehicle and pedestrian signals, traffic control cabinets, data collection and management systems (DCMS.2), StrongPoint® communications network security systems, Intelligent Intersection(TM) technology, and a full line of transportation maintenance services. Econolite is committed to employing advanced technologies that reduce traveler time, ease congestion, enhance transit operations, provide safer mobility, and improve quality of life. For more information about Econolite, visit

About TrafficCast

TrafficCast provides travel time forecasting, road speed data and other traffic-related information, with technology, applications and content based on advanced digital traffic data. TrafficCast powers both, the top two traffic-enabled navigation apps on the iPhone, as well as a range of providers serving the interactive, mobile, enterprise and public sector markets, including Yahoo Maps, DeCarta, and Maptuit. TrafficCast BlueTOAD integrates a range of wireless technologies to monitor travel times, road speeds and route behaviors through detection of Bluetooth signals, with installations across the country. The company is based in Madison, Wisconsin, with offices in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago and Shanghai.

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