Durex Industries Recently Announced an Expansion of their Flexible Heater Design and Manufacturing Capabilities

Durex Industries' silicone rubber and polyimide heaters are ideal for thermal applications requiring precision temperature uniformity, minimum weight and low leakage current. As the name indicates, flexible heaters are flexible because they can be easily designed for thousands of applications. Also, flexible heaters can be customized to conform to a heated part. Using either wire wound or etch foil heater technologies, flexible heaters can be designed with distributed wattage to provide uniform temperature distribution. Durex's new vulcanization centers have expanded capacity to provide turnkey assemblies by bonding the flexible heater directly on customer parts for large volume applications.

Flexible heater applications range from heating medical devices that prevent hypothermia during medical procedures to providing freeze and condensation protection on pipes or electrical enclosures. Whatever the application, Durex's design team is ready to work with customers to provide unique thermal solutions that improve the performance of their equipment.

About Durex Industries

Durex Industries is a vertically integrated, lean enterprise advancing the state of the art in industrial electrical heating, temperature sensing and control. Headquartered in a 125,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Cary, Illinois, Durex Industries serves the Analytical Instrumentation, Medical Device, Semiconductor, Photovoltaic, Foodservice, Plastics, Packaging, Process, and general industrial markets.

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