Dura-Plate 301 Series Coatings offer low temperature curing.

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Available in 301K Moisture-Tolerant Epoxy and 301W Low-Temperature Cure Moisture-Tolerant Epoxy, Dura-Plate 301 series coatings are good surface and moisture tolerant high solid epoxies for marginally prepared surfaces. Delivering performance over power tool cleaning, abrasive blasting and water jetting, coating are engineered to provide adhesion and anti corrosion and are suitable for oil and gas, marine, mining, power, infrastructure markets.

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Sherwin-Williams Extends Coating Application Windows With Moisture-Tolerant Epoxy Systems

Dura-Plate® 301 Series coatings can be applied in high humidity and low temperatures

Giving contractors wider application windows for protecting assets in harsh environments, Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings has expanded its Dura-Plate® Series of epoxy systems to add moisture-tolerant epoxies, including a low-temperature curing option. The new Dura-Plate 301 Series epoxy systems can be applied over damp and medium flash rusted metal substrates without dew point restrictions. The low-temperature cure formulation allows for application at just a few degrees above freezing. These capabilities significantly broaden acceptable application windows, which drives coating schedule efficiencies for both new construction and maintenance projects.

The Dura-Plate 301 Series includes two unique formulations: Dura-Plate 301K Moisture-Tolerant Epoxy and Dura-Plate 301W Low-Temperature Cure Moisture-Tolerant Epoxy. Both products are excellent surface- and moisture-tolerant high-solids epoxies formulated for application over marginally prepared surfaces in harsh environments and challenging conditions. They are engineered to provide outstanding adhesion and anti-corrosion performance over a wide range of surface preparation techniques, including water jetting, abrasive blasting, and hand or power tool cleaning.

“Environmental factors can drastically hinder the progress of a coating project, not to mention increase costs. When humidity is too high or temperatures are too low, many coating operations have to stop,”said Steve Dickey, Senior Director Global Product Strategy, Sherwin-Williams Protective & MarineCoatings. “With the Dura-Plate 301 Series, we’re limiting those work stoppages and extending coating application windows and seasons for a wide variety of projects, including offshore, marine, industrial,and infrastructure applications.”

Dura-Plate 301K is recommended whenever valuable assets are exposed to harsh environments and challenging application conditions are present. Its surface- and moisture-tolerance characteristics enable broader application windows by delivering performance in conditions that would typically eliminate the use of more conventional technologies.

Dura-Plate 301W extends application windows and recoatability even further with its low-temperature curing capability. It may be applied at ambient and substrate temperatures as low as 35°F (2°C), providing a longer coating calendar for maintenance and construction activities.

Dura-Plate 301K and Dura-Plate 301W support a variety of markets, including oil and gas, marine, mining, power, food and beverage, pulp and paper, infrastructure, water and wastewater, and bridge and highway. The products are recommended for a wide array of applications such as new builds, maintenance, conversion projects, structural steel, water tanks, storage tanks, offshore structures, underwater hulls, marine vessels, decks, steel bridges, and water and wastewater assets.

Dura-Plate 301W recently earned the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2016, a prestigious annual award presented by Her Majesty the Queen for outstanding business achievement in the fields of international trade, innovation, and sustainable development.

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