DTi Seals and Trim Approved by UL as Recognized Components

EPDM rubber trims and edge seals certified to rigorous UL50 and UL50E standards

Southborough, MA — Device Technologies, Inc. (DTi), a leader in the design and manufacture of enclosure related and environmental protection components, announced today that Underwriters Labs (UL) has approved its Seal-Fast™ Door Seals and Trim-Fast™ Edge Trim for EPDM gasketing materials to the stringent UL50 and UL50E standards. Thanks to this Recognized Component designation, any finished product that uses these seals and trim automatically now receives a significant quality upgrade, creating greater value for their customers.

The new certification is especially important to companies needing performance materials that comply with NEMA standards to protect critical equipment like Telco switches, data center racks and chassis, and routers. In addition, DTi seals and trim are used on truck bodies and enclosures for generators and inverters and other applications in environments ranging from back office to rugged mobile shelters for the military.


"We are committed to responding to our customers' demands by delivering the highest quality equipment protection," said Nick Petri, DTi President. "Having our components listed on UL Yellow Cards provides a valuable enhancement to our customers' brands and further validates our commitment to our ISO and AS Quality System, and ongoing Continuous Improvement program." 

The Seal-Fast Edge Seal "D" Series EPDM provides a clean, fast method to protect equipment in a variety of industries from dust, wide temperature variations, and moisture. The Trim-Fast "S" Series Edge Trim for EPDM offers superior protection from wire and cable abrasion for critical equipment.

DTi's high performance, top quality enclosure and edge protection offers customers an affordable way to upgrade existing equipment with UL-certified components. Using UL listed components saves both time and money since the material itself has already been qualified and eliminates the need for further testing. It also enhances compliance and can minimize liability exposure in case of disaster such as a major fire.

For additional information, contact Karen Towler at ktowler@devicetech.com.

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DTi's Advanced Technology Division (ATD) specializes in fully automated, linear and selective polymer coating for cable, wire, flat wire, stampings and profile metal-formed products encapsulated in a broad range of thermo-plastic and thermo-setting resins.

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