Dry Block/Liquid Bath Calibrator includes liquid container.

Press Release Summary:

Suited for calibrating glass thermometers, short thermocouples, and thermoresistors, portable MicroCal TCS140 offers temperature range from -55°C from Tamb to 140°C. It has stability of ±0.035°C for dry block, ±0.02°C for liquid bath and radial uniformity of ±0.02°C for dry block and ±0.004°C for liquid bath. Heating and cooling speeds are -30 to 140°C and 140 to 0°C in 15 mins, respectively. Featuring 6 holes 157 mm deep metal block insert, unit offers stabilization time of 10 min.

Original Press Release:

MicroCal TCS140 High Accuracy Dry Block and Liquid Bath Calibrator

The affordable MicroCal TCS140 is both a portable dry block and liquid bath calibrator.
The Dry Block insert is easily replaced with a Liquid Bath complete with an easy-to-use adjustable speed agitator. It is ideal tool to calibrate glass thermometers and for short thermocouples and thermoresistors.

Features of the MicroCal TCS140 include the following:

o Temperature Range from -55°C from Tamb to 140°C
o Stability
Dry Block: ±0.035°C
Liquid Bath: ±0.02°C
o Radial Uniformity
Dry Block: ±0.02°C
Liquid Bath: ±0.004°C
o Heating Speed of -30°C to 140°C in 15 mins
o Cooling Speed of 140°C to 0°C in 15 mins
o Stabilization Time of 10 mins
o 6 holes 157mm deep metal block insert
o Liquid container is standard
o Optional CalPMan software that plans, manages and documents all your calibrations and certifications

For additional information, please contact
E Instruments' MicroCal Department,
Attention: Ray Biarnes,
172 Middletown Blvd., Suite B201,
Langhorne, PA 19047
Tel: 215 750 1212,
Fax: 215 750 1399
Email: info@einstrumentsgroup.com,

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