Drum Heating Cabinet with Vertical Lift Door

LEWCO recently completed a custom drum heating cabinet for a repeat customer in Thailand. The customer, a large petro chemical manufacturer, needed another drum heating cabinet in order to keep up with growing production requirements. LEWCO was selected for the job due to the customer’s high level of satisfaction with their first unit, which was purchased from LEWCO back in 2010.

The drum cabinet, model NS-EC08S, has a capacity of (8) drums and is electrically heated. It features a pneumatic actuated vertical lift door and (4) lanes of high-temperature gravity roller conveyor inside the workspace. LEWCO also provided a portable section of gravity roller conveyor that the customer can move around outside the hot box and line up with each internal lane while loading/unloading. The exterior conveyor permits the operators to pull drums out, or push drums in, without having to use special drum handling equipment.

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