Dross Separator Recovers Solder and Saves Money Fast

Many are unaware that 50-80% of wave solder dross is usable solder alloy.  The SEPARO solder recovery system from Manncorp allows companies to quickly and easily reclaim valuable solder in-house for significant cost savings.  With the SEPARO solder recovery system, a shift's worth of wave solder dross can be turned into usable solder ingots in under an hour.

SEPARO works with either lead-free or SnPb alloys and is capable of treating 4-5 kg (9-11 lbs) of hot or room-temperature dross per cycle.  Taking advantage of the different specific gravities of the materials in the dross amalgam, heavier solder alloy settles at the bottom of the heated crucible while the lighter dross oxides rise to the top and are captured in SEPARO's specialized filter.  After 30-40 minutes, molten solder is transferred to the five ingot molds below the crucible.  No chemical additives are required, ensuring that the reclaimed alloy is 100% pure and usable.

Typically, a company with just one wave solder machine running an 8-hour shift for five days a week can expect the SEPARO to pay for itself in only a few months. Facilities running multiple shifts and additional wave solder machines will enjoy even faster ROI.

Get full details and pricing on the SEPARO from Manncorp's website, at http://www.manncorp.com/solder-recovery.

Sales and support offices in three locations: East (Willow Grove, PA), West (San Diego,CA) and Mexico. www.manncorp.com

Paulette Kevolic

Marketing Coordinator



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