Drop-in Module comes with field removable SMA connectors.

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Suitable for test and radar systems, Forward/Reverse Coupler/Detector Drop-in Module is designed with INPUT/OUTPUT (PORT 1-2), Cal Sig Out (PORT 1-4) and calibrator (PORT 3-2) with Ins. loss of maximum 2.0dB, 18dB ± 2dB and 19.0 to 24 dB max respectively. Module features detector port (Port 3-5) with 15mV Typ w/10dBm at Port 3 at a 10k load. Unit’s each port deliver a VSWR of 1.7:1 max.

Original Press Release:

Forward/Reverse Coupler/Detector Module

Microwave Solutions is introducing these drop-in sized forward/reverse coupler/detector Drop-in Module that are ideal for applications requiring a multifunction module in small spaces. They are especially well suited for test and radar systems because they have field removable SMA connectors so they can be used in coaxial systems or, after removing the connectors, ‘dropped-into’ a microwave printed circuit board. The ports are as followed: PORT 1-2 “INPUT/OUTPUT” with Ins. Loss of 2.0dB max. PORT 1-4 “Cal Sig Out” with Ins. Loss of 18dB +/- 2dB. PORT 3-5 “Detector Port” with 15mV Typ w/10dBm @ Port 3 at a set frequency and a 10k load. PORT 3-2 “Calibrator” with Ins. Loss of 19.0 to 24 dB max. All ports have a VSWR of 1.7:1 max.

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