Driver Chipset suits applications up to 200 kHz and 575 V.

Press Release Summary:

Model XBD4400 Half-Bridge Driver Chipset, consisting of 2 ICs and packaged miniature transformer, offers modular solution for MOSFET or IGBT-based power topologies. The 2 A peak current and heatsinkable, 16-pin SOIC-CT package allow operating temperature to 125°C. Unit features -5 V gate drive supply, 50 V/ns noise immunity, and latch-proof architecture. Interface Transformer provides 2500 V isolation. User can implement choice of protection algorithms.

Original Press Release:

IXYS Announces a Modular, Isolated Half-Bridge Driver Chipset For Applications Up to 200kHz and 575V

Santa Clara. CA, May 15, 2003. IXYS Corporation (NASDAQ: SYX1) announces the release of the improved XBD4400 Half-Bridge Driver Chipset, a complete chipset for half-bridge driver applications with 2 Amperes drive current for applications up to 200kHz and a full range of voltages up to 575Vac. The IXBD4400 chipset consisting of two ICs and a packaged miniature transformer offers a modular, flexible and cost-effective solution for MOSFET or IGBT based power topologies. It is the only solution with an on-chip, -5V gate drive supply, often used in IGBT drive circuits for enhanced noise immunity.

The IXBD4400 Chipset reduces system cost and solves many of the problems designers face when considering optocoupler drivers and monolithic IC bridge drivers. The 2A peak current and heatsinkable 16-Pin SOIC-CT package of the DXBD4400 give better high frequency performance and high temperature operating capability (to +125°C) than possible with existing optocoupler drivers.

The extended voltage range, flexibility of routing in layout, 50V/ns noise immunity and latch-proof architecture are superior to monolithic bridge driver ICs that use junction isolation. The
companion Interface Transformer provides 2500V isolation, with excellent performance in terms of noise immunity and system safety far superior to junction isolation techniques.

The modularity of the design enables optimization of layout for the best circuit drive performance, better efficiency and reduced circuit noise. Thu chipset allows the user to implement their choice of protection algorithms (overcurrent, undervoltage, cross-conduction prevention), while providing for easy system indication of fault conditions, shutdown routines
and reduced current signal filtering.

The TX02-4400 Interface Transformer is available in an 8-pin plastic dip, either in a through-hole or surface mount version. The IXBD4410 Low Side Driver and IXBD4411 High Side Driver are available in a 16-pin plastic dip package (PI) or the 16-pin heatsinkable, non-isolated surface mount SOIC package (SI). Sample quantities are currently available for all products.

This chipset is more economical than using optocoupler drivers and offers enhtanced performance, reliability and flexibility versus monolithic drivers in a range of applications. The
phase-leg drive requirements of single-phase or three-phase motor drives and uninterruptible power supply applications, as well as the half-bridge drive requirements of various switch-mode power supply topologies, induction heating circuits and welding applications all potentially stand to benefit from the advantages provided by this proprietary half-bridge driver product.

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