Drill Crown chamfers and drills in one operation.

Press Release Summary:

M-geometry crown, for CrownLoc(TM) drill system, is optimized for hard-to-drill materials and incorporates chamfer module that utilizes 2 inserts, each with 2 cutting edges. Heat generation is minimized via small edge preparation. Sharp cutting edges and conical front rake clearance reduce workpiece work hardening, while cutting geometry reduces residual stress and minimizes burrs at hole exit. Crown also offers precision-ground interface of interlocking V-grooves.

Original Press Release:

Seco-Carboloy Expands Efficient CrownLoc(TM) Drill Family

Warren, Mich., November 11, 2002 -- Carboloy Inc, a part of Seco Tools AB in Sweden, has expanded its recently introduced CrownLoc(TM) drill system to include an M-geometry crown optimized for hard-to-drill materials and a unique chamfer module that allows chamfering and drilling to be performed in one operation.

The M-geometry is tough enough for super alloy and difficult stainless steel applications. Heat generation is reduced via small edge preparation -- minimizing cutting forces, and the increased back taper -- reducing friction. The sharp cutting edges and large conical front rake clearance reduce workpiece work hardening. In addition, this new cutting geometry reduces residual stresses and minimizes burrs at the hole exit.

The new CrownLoc chamfer module, which uses two inserts - each with two cutting edges -- offers increased productivity, economy, and security. There is no need for feed reduction and an open chipflute design dramatically improves chip evacuation, compared to competition. The inserts are available in Seco-Carboloy's toughest grade TD400.

The Crownloc drill system features a patented precision-ground interface of interlocking V-grooves to ensure rigidity and exact positioning of the crown. This strong joint allows the combination to run at higher speeds than a brazed drill.

In addition to its precision and strength, Crownloc's flexibility allows users to drill a different diameter, by simply exchanging the crown.

Carboloy Inc., is part of the Seco Tools AB worldwide organization and a manufacturer of Seco-Carboloy carbide tooling and related products, systems and services. The company commands a respected position in the U.S. metalworking industry through its dedication to quality, advanced technology, and excellence in customer service. Carboloy markets its full range of cutting tools and related accessories through a network of over 400 authorized distributors in the United States. Canada and Mexico.

More information can be obtained by contacting Carboloy Inc., 11177 East Eight Mile Road, Warren, Mich. 48089. Tel: 800-832-8326. Production information is available in PDF format literature at carbolov.com. In addition, the website offers a company profile, distributor locations, technical service information and contact information.

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