Dosmatic Europe to Introduce MiniDos® and SuperDos® Peracetic Acid (PAA) Injector Series at the IPA World Food Process Exhibition, October 17-21, 2010

Bordeaux, France - September, 2010 - Dosmatic Europe will introduce its improved MiniDos and SuperDos injectors for use with peracetic acid (PAA) and other sanitizers used in the food processing industry. This series includes the (MiniDos 12, 0.4%), (SuperDos 20, 0.3%), (SuperDos 30, 0.3%) and (SuperDos 45, 0.3% models).

"Increasingly, professionals are turning to peracetic acid for disinfection, sterilization and microbial control, using it to sanitize food and food service equipment, treat and purify water, prevent bio film formation and kill Legionella bacteria", noted Manager of Dosmatic Europe, Marc Dutscher. "Our MiniDos and SuperDos PAA injectors offer an appropriate and cost-effective dispensing system coupled with the widest flow ranges on the market from 45 l/mn to 170 l/mn.

Dosmatic's PAA injectors have a patented mixing chamber, which employ a one-way gasket to prevent chemical contact with the motor piston. This results in longer motor life. Proportional injection and this pioneering mixing chamber ensure a precise mixing of water and injected chemical.

Because of differences in plant operations and the PAA concentrations they use, Dosmatic consultants first determine each customer's application, concentration and requirements before recommending any Dosmatic PAA injector. Like all Dosmatic® products, its PAA injector series is backed by a limited three-year warranty - the best in the industry. More information is available from Dosmatic Customer Service at +33 (0)5 57 97 13 13.

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Dosmatic International, Inc is the industry leader in innovation and technology for non-electric, fluid-driven, proportional injectors and pumps. Dosmatic has grown from its headquarters in Carrollton, Texas to offices in France, Belgium, Thailand, Japan, Australia, Argentina and Brazil. The company exports products to more than 70 countries. Additionally, Dosmatic has an extensive worldwide network of 500-plus distributors and regional service centers. Dosmatic products are manufactured according to ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System.

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