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Microprocessor-driven, digital-timer DX-300 Series provides operating pressure of 0-100 psi. It suits general fluid dispensing and controlling dispensing valves. To provide accurate, consistent, precise, and repeatable dispensing of fluids, 10 programmable memories store and recall most frequently used dispensing cycle timing. DX-300 has full shot time range of 0.008-99.999 sec in 1 ms increments. DX-315, with operating pressure of 0-15 psi, suits low viscosity fluid dispensing.

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Value-priced, Feature-rich Digital Dispenser/Controller Series for Accurate and Repeatable Applications

Menlo Park, CA. Techcon Systems, an OK International brand and leading provider of bench-top fluid dispensing solutions, introduces a new mid-range series of affordable and feature-rich Digital Dispenser/Controllers. The microprocessor-driven, digital-timer DX-300 Series, dispenses precise fluid profiles in an accurate, consistent and repeatable manner.

This new series is comprised of the DX-300 and the DX-315. The DX-300, with an operating pressure of 0-100 psi, is designed for general fluid dispensing and to control a variety of dispensing valves such as the popular Techcon TS56200 Series Diaphragm Valve or the economical Techcon TS1212 Pinch Tube Valve. The DX-315, with an operating pressure of 0-15 psi, is designed for low viscosity fluid dispensing. Aside from having different air pressure settings and valve controlling capability, DX-300 and DX-315 are identical in form, fit and function.

Each system is packaged for immediate, out-of-box use, with sample tips, barrels and syringe adapters. To provide accurate, consistent, precise and repeatable dispensing of a wide range of fluid profiles, the DX-300 Series features 10 programmable memories for storing and recalling the most frequently used dispensing cycle timing.

This memory feature records the time of the dispensing cycle and is helpful for determining the dispensing time required, when dispensing output is unknown. The memory feature also works in conjunction with the built-in "Teach Mode." And, to control material "tailing" and waste, the DX-300 Series has, as standard, an adjustable vacuum and a vacuum-driven "suck-back" feature, monitored by a built-in vacuum gauge.

The DX-300 Series is designed and manufactured to be affordable, durable, reliable, serviceable, user-friendly and workspace-saving. With its small footprint (6" x 6.5" x 7.0" or 152mm x 165mm x 178mm) and a unique locking mechanism, DX-300 Series can be stacked and "fastened" on top of each other conserving working space. The DX-300 Series has a full shot time range of 0.008 to 99.999 seconds in 1ms increments and is operational worldwide via a "snap-on" universal power supply of 100 - 240 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz.

The DX-300 Series has been rigorously tested to meet international EMC/safety requirements and has CE (ECC countries), TUV-GS (German Safety Tested), NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory) and eK (Republic of Korea) approvals.

About OK International's Techcon Systems brand:

OK International's Techcon Systems brand match materials science with technical innovation to serve Aerospace, Automotive, Communications, Data Storage, Electronics and Medical Device dispensing needs.

The Techcon Systems brand is a leader in premium fluid delivery systems and plays a critical role with manufacturers who use adhesives and lubricants in their component manufacturing processes.

The Techcon Systems brand continually provides partners with new options for fluid dispensing. And the Advanced Materials Laboratory tests new materials and applications daily to ensure that all Techcon brand products are compatible with the widest range of fluids available.

For further information on Techcon Systems DX-300 Series Digital Dispenser/Controller, please contact:

Mr Wei Huang
Product Manager Fluid Dispensing Systems
OK International
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12151 Monarch Street
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Email: whuang@okintemational.com
Web site: www.techconsystems.com

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