Dispenser creates circular patterns and continuous beads.

Press Release Summary:

Program-A-Swirl(R) maximizes adhesion between 2 substrates, using less material to wet-out greater area. Swirling is achieved when servo motor spins dispenser's nozzle. System can dispense single-component materials, or it can be used with static mixer nozzle for 2-component, reactive-resin materials. It is typically mounted at end-of-arm tool in robotic applications, or fixture-mounted in automation tooling.

Original Press Release:

Program-A-Swirl(R) Dispenses Circular Patterns or Beads

Sealant Equipment & Engineering's new, patent-pending Program-A-Swirl® is designed to dispense adhesives or sealants in a circular pattern or as a continuous bead.

By dispensing in a swirled pattern of closed loops, the Program-A-Swirl maximizes adhesion between two substrates and uses less material to 'wet out' a greater area. Swirling is achieved when the servo motor spins the system's nozzle. When the servo motor stops, the nozzle "self-centers," allowing the tool to alternate on-the-fly between swirling patterns and dispensing beads.

The versatile Program-A-Swirl system is available in two styles. One can be used with a static mixer nozzle for two-component, reactive-resin materials. The other version is designed to dispense single-component materials. Program-A-Swirl is typically mounted as an end-of-arm tool in robotic applications, or fixture-mounted in automation tooling.

Program-A-Swirl's dispensing patterns will meet the geometry of virtually any application requirement, precisely adjusting the size of the looped pattern or bead.

Sealant Equipment manufactures more than 800 models of dispense valves and is a leading manufacturer of precision meter/mix/dispense equipment. The company is ISO-9001 certified.

For complete information, contact Jim Schultz at Sealant Equipment & Engineering, Inc., P.O. Box 701460, 45677 Helm Street, Plymouth, MI 48170, Phone 734-459-8600, Fax 734-459-8686, E-mail jschultz@sealantequipment.com, www.dispensevalves.com.

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