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Digital Isolators target SPI communications applications.

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Digital Isolators target SPI communications applications.

Jul 03, 2014 - Based on iCoupler® digital isolator technology, ADuM315x SPIsolator™ Series features low propagation delay and jitter in CLK, MO-SI, MI-SO, and SS channels to support SPI clock rates up to 40 MHz. Family has 3.75 kVrms isolation rating and also supports maximum sample rate for select ADI 12-, 16-, and 18-bit precision A/D converters. Housed in 20-lead SSOP package, isolators are suited for distributed control systems, PLCs, and sensor monitors.

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Analog Devices Introduces New Family of Digital Isolator Devices Optimized for SPI Communications Applications

Press release date: Jun 24, 2014

Analog Devices Introduces New Family of Digital Isolator Devices Optimized for SPI Communications Applications

Based on ADI’s award winning iCoupler® digital isolator technology, the ADuM315x SPIsolator™ family delivers six times the clock speed at as little as 1/5th the area and cost of competing optocoupler and digital isolator solutions.

NORWOOD, Mass. — Analog Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADI), a global leader in high-performance signal processing technology, today introduced a new family of digital isolator devices optimized for serial peripheral interface (SPI) communications systems. The ADuM315x SPIsolator™ digital isolator family is based on ADI’s award-winning iCoupler® digital isolator technology, which has been shipped in volumes exceeding one billion channels.

Supporting up to 40-MHz SPI clock speeds, the new digital isolators are over six times faster, over 80 percent smaller and cost as much as 85 percent less than competing optocoupler- or digital isolator-based solutions. Faster SPI clock speeds enable higher throughout in data acquisition systems, allowing for higher performance and more rapid system response times. A high level of functional integration provides system designers with a simple solution for isolating high-speed SPI signals along with commonly required low-speed status and control signals in a single package.

The ADuM315x family supports a range of high-data-rate, SPI communications applications including distributed control systems, programmable logic controllers, and sensor monitors used in industrial automation, instrumentation equipment and motor controls. Watch a video of the ADuM315x SPIsolator family:

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More About the ADuM315x SPIsolator Family
The highly integrated ADuM315x SPI digital isolator family simplifies the design of a complete SPI digital isolation solution by using just three components, compared to the 18 to 32 components required by alternative digital isolator- or optocoupler-based solutions. The ADuM315x family features low propagation delay and jitter in the CLK, MO-SI, MI-SO and SS channels to support SPI clock rates of up to 40 MHz. The new digital isolators also support the maximum sample rate for select ADI 12-, 16- and 18-bit precision A/D converters. The family has a 3.75 kVrms isolation rating and will be followed later in 2014 by SPIsolator devices rated to 5 kVrms.

The ADuM3150 supports a delayed clock output on the master side of the part that can be used with an additional general-purpose port on the master to support up to 40-MHz clock speeds.

The ADuM3151, ADuM3152 and ADuM3153 provide four high-speed channels and three additional independent, low-data-rate channels in different configurations.

The ADuM3154 digital isolator provides a slave-select multiplexing system that allows up to four slave devices to be serviced from one isolator.

Pricing and Availability
Product Sample Availability Price Each per 1,000 Package
ADuM3150A July $3.10 20-lead SSOP
ADuM3151A July $2.15 20-lead SSOP
ADuM3152A July $2.15 20-lead SSOP
ADuM3153A July $2.15 20-lead SSOP
ADuM3154A July $2.15 20-lead SSOP
ADuM3150B July $3.10 20-lead SSOP
ADuM3151B July $2.80 20-lead SSOP
ADuM3152B July $2.80 20-lead SSOP
ADuM3153B July $2.80 20-lead SSOP
ADuM3154B July $2.80 20-lead SSOP
Product Availability Price Each Package
EVAL-ADUM3150Z Now $49 Evaluation Board
EVAL-ADUM3151Z Now $49  Evaluation Board
EVAL-ADUM3154Z Now $49 Evaluation Board
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