Digital I/O Module offers up to 256 channels.

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CompactPCI/PXI module, CP387, features programmable data transfers that support 16- and 32-bit data words. Base-board provides 128 TTL level digital I/O channels, and additional 128 digital channels are provided by 4 mezzanine card expansion sites. Integral flash memory can be used to restore basic digital I/O configuration parameters on power-up, while pattern recognition and change-of-state operations are supported by base-board and mezzanine plug-on cards.

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KineticSystems Releases New CompactPCI/PXI Digital Input/Output Module

Lockport (Illinois), USA (July 12, 2005) - KineticSystems today announced its new digital input/output module, the CP387, a single-width, 6U, CompactPCI/PXI module with up to 256 digital input/output channels. This new device joins KineticSystems' growing family of data acquisition and automated test equipment (ATE) products for the CompactPCI/PXI, VXI, and stand-alone DAQ platforms.

The CP387 base-board provides 128 TTL level digital I/O channels. Additional expansion up to 128 digital channels is provided by 4 mezzanine card sites. These sites can be populated with an assortment of I/O options such as isolated input, isolated output, relay output, AC switch output or differential I/O to extend the capability of the CP387. The mezzanine card concept allows multiple digital I/O types to be configured within a single module to match customer's application requirements.

Data transfers to and from the CP387 are programmable and support 16 and 32-bit data words. Accessing digital output channels or reading from digital input channels is accomplished by simple register read operations. The CP387 contains flash memory that can be used to restore basic digital input and output configuration parameters on power-up. These parameters include the connection of either pull-up or pull-down resistors, the direction of digital I/O channels, and the initial power-up values of digital output channels.

Pattern recognition and change-of-state operations are supported by the CP387 base-board as well as by mezzanine plug-on cards. If enabled, an interrupt can be generated at the conclusion of a pattern recognition or change-of-state operation. Digital input and output strobes are provided on both the base-board and the mezzanine cards. A strobe signal connected to any of the first 16 channels on the base board can be routed under software control to digital input channels. Programmable contact debounce suppression is provided to prevent false detection of digital input glitches.

Similar to its VXI counterpart, the V387, the CP387 ships with plug and play drivers for configuring and using the device. Application examples, including source code, are also provided to illustrate basic functionality of the CP387.

Typical applications include automotive test cells, industrial control, and automated test equipment. The CP387 is available immediately at a unit price of $2,130 USD with delivery in 4-6 weeks.

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Headquartered in Lockport, Illinois, KineticSystems ( designs, manufactures, and services high-performance data acquisition products and systems for the worldwide aerospace, automotive, and scientific laboratory markets.

Popular over the last 30 years for its wide array of standardized high-performance VXI and CAMAC modular products, KineticSystems also offers CompactPCI/PXI and PC-based data acquisition products for in-vehicle or portable production line testing. As a member of the Dynamic Signals growing group of companies ( focused on the Test & Measurement industry, KineticSystems is able to provide solutions for an even wider range of applications across the main platforms of VXI, CompactPCI, PXI, PCI, and CAMAC.

As part of the Dynamic Signals group, Gage Applied Technologies provides cutting-edge signal capture instruments and solutions based on the PCI and CompactPCI/PXI platforms. The Preston Scientific product line offers a wide range of proprietary analog input channel amplifiers, filters, multiplexers, digital I/O interfaces and complete analog-to-digital conversion systems. Cyber Systems' product line offers the FM7000 Load Control System for structural testing, DM7000 Data Acquisition System and the PC-based Versaplex 2000NT Data Acquisition System, among other data acquisition products.

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