Digital Cameras work in materials research.

Press Release Summary:

AxioCam MRc digital color camera uses 12-bit digitization for image and color quality and 36-bit color depth for resolvable brightness graduations. Variable exposure times accommodate applications such as particle size analysis, layer thickness measurements, determination of surface and grain borders, and structural analysis. MRm Peltier-cooled monochrome camera also is available.

Original Press Release:

New AxioCam MR Digital Camera For Materials Analysis

Thornwood, NY - Carl Zeiss is introducing a new AxioCam MRc digital color, and the MRm, a Peltier-cooled monochrome camera designed to meet a wide variety of customer requirements with an excellent cost/benefit ratio. AxioCam MR is ideal for all standard tasks in materials research, materials analysis, metallography, quality assurance & the semiconductor industry.

The new AxioCam MRc camera uses 12-bit digitization process for improved image and color quality. A 36-bit color depth allows for a large number of resolvable brightness graduations, a unique feature in this price category. In addition, a wide range of variable exposure times can be selected to accommodate different application techniques such as particle size analysis, layer thickness measurements, the determination of surface and grain borders, and structural analysis as well as quality assurance, defect analysis & image documentation.

The camera comes with a computer interface and special operating software that controls all camera functions as well as simple image capture and processing. The photographic conditions can be reproduced quickly and easily, an important aspect in routine applications. AxioCam MRc is compact and easy to use. A single 5-meter cable is all you need for data and energy supply. There is no need for a power unit or an external controller.

In addition to its excellent cost/benefit ratio, AxioCam MR is ideally adapted to the time-tested Carl Zeiss microscope technology. Microscopy and digital imaging systems built by Zeiss will impress all users with its versatile application possibilities, high performance and ease of operation.

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