Differential Pressure Transmitter eliminates capillary tubes.

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Using 2 pressure sensor modules connected electronically to single transmitter, Deltabar FMD72 eliminates impulse lines or capillaries and related issues such as leaks, condensation, icing, and plugging. One sensor measures hydrostatic pressure, while second sensor measures head pressure, and transmitter calculates differential pressure. Operating in process temperatures from -40 to 257ºF, sensors offer 0.075% accuracy over measuring range of -15 to 150 psi. Accuracy of entire system is 0.1%.

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Endress+Hauser Announces FMD72 Differential Pressure Level Transmitter

The FMD72 electronic DP sensor eliminates the need for impulse lines and capillary tubes-along with their related issues such as leaks, condensation, icing and plugging.

Endress+Hauser announces the Deltabar FMD72 Electronic Differential Pressure measurement system. The FMD72 uses two pressure sensor modules connected electronically to a single transmitter-thus eliminating the need for impulse lines or capillaries and their related issues of icing up, clogging, leaky taps, dry/wet leg inconsistencies, and problems with temperature changes.

Ambient temperature changes cause measurement drift in traditional capillary systems, but up to 95% of this drift can be eliminated with the FMD72. In addition to eliminating operational and maintenance problems, the FMD72 responds up to ten times faster than traditional impulse and capillary systems, is easier and less expensive to install, and does not require heat tracing.

One sensor module measures the hydrostatic (high pressure), the second sensor measures the head pressure (low pressure), and the transmitter calculates the differential pressure. These measured values can be used to calculate the level, volume or mass of liquids in pressurized tanks.

The sensors connect to the transmitter module via industry standard, color-coded twisted pair cable and have NEMA 4X/6P (IP66/IP68) watertight housings and connections. The transmitter can be located away from the sensors in areas safe and convenient for personnel. The system meets ATEX, IEC Ex, CSA and FM specifications for use in hazardous areas including Zones 0, 1 and 2; and Division 1 and 2.

The transmitter outputs differential pressure, head pressure and temperature via 4-20mA with HART. The sensors have 0.075% accuracy over a measuring range of -15 to 150 psi and work in process temperatures from -40 to 257ºF. Accuracy of the entire system-two sensors and the transmitter-is 0.1%.

The system has built-in diagnostics for continuous health indication via HART. Operators can access HART data via Endress+Hauser's FieldCare software or Field Xpert PDA.

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