Dieselcraft Presents Fuel Water Separator That Can Remove 99% of Visible Water

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The Fuel Water Separator/ Fuel Purifier is available in 6 models for engines ranging from 200 HP to 2000 HP. The units are suitable for diesel powered generator sets, marine engines and fuel transfer, polishing and filtration applications. It features replaceable, changeable or cleanable filter elements and removes over 95% of natural contaminants found in the diesel fuel. The separator can be used in polishing applications from 5 GPM to 150 GPM.

Original Press Release:

Heavy Duty Diesel Fuel Water Separators

The quality of today’s diesel fuel has not advanced it in fact has deteriorated. Today’s diesel fuel contains more solids and water than the fuel of just a few years ago.

Water is the greatest concern because it is the most common form of contaminant. Water may be introduced into the fuel supply during fueling when warm; moisture laden air condenses on the cold metal walls of fuel storage tanks or from poor housekeeping practices. The effects of water in diesel fuel can be serious. Water can cause a tip to blow off an injector, or reduce the lubricity of the fuel which can cause seizure of close tolerance assemblies such as plungers
Understand that most fuel has some amount of water in it from the refining process and the addition of biodiesel, the pipeline, the storage facility or the transporter. Water displaces the diesel fuel. When the fuel is displaced wear occur because lubrication is now absent.
Water that enters the combustion chamber results in even more serious damage. When it comes in contact with the heat of the combustion chamber it immediately turns to steam and often explodes the tip of the injector. Water causes corrosion of tanks, lines, injectors, and greatly reduces combustibility.
It is estimated that eight out of every ten diesel engine failures have been directly related to poor quality and contaminated fuel. The build-up of contaminates in the fuel systems and storage tanks can quickly clog filters, thus resulting in engine shut down, fuel pump wear, and diesel engine damage.
The Dieselcraft Fluid Engineering has developed an advanced Fuel Water Separator/ “Fuel Purifier” that removes 99% of the visible water and over 95% of the natural contaminates found in diesel fuel. This is all done without the use of replaceable, changeable or cleanable filter elements. There are no moving parts, except the fuel inside the purifier. There are no elements to clean and dispose of, only purging the water and particulates.

Lab test results are available upon request.
Dieselcraft manufactures 6 models to fit any application. Units are available for engine from 200 HP to 2000 HP or for transfer and fuel polishing application from 5 GPM to 150 GPM.
The primary markets are diesel powered generator sets, marine engines and fuel transfer, polishing and filtration applications. 
For further product information see the Dieselcraft web page at: http://www.dieselcraft.com or contact
Dieselcraft Fluid Engineering
Auburn, CA 95604
530 613 2150
East Coast Office
Chatham, NJ 07028

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