Diagnostic System offers pneumatic valve fault detection.

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DDL Drive Diagnostic Link System facilitates basic operation of valves and offers detailed monitoring of electrical control system. It checks every valve for tolerance of supply voltage, recognition of solenoid coil, and short circuit display. From results of tests, control system can generate and display appropriate text messages. Check can be done when machine is switched on to determine if pneumatic subsystem is functioning correctly.

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DDL - Adding New Dimensions to Pneumatic Diagnostics

A production plant needs to operate smoothly and function correctly, as any machine downtime costs money. Therefore, in the event of a failure, every single piece of relevant information about the fault or breakdown is valuable.

The new DDL pneumatic valve diagnostic system offers far superior fault detection than currently available

With pneumatic valves, faults are usually displayed with the aid of LEDs., or through indirect monitoring of cylinders by means of sensors. All these methods however, signal only the existence of the fault itself. The specific maintenance required can be deduced only rarely or with considerable experience. The newly developed DDL (Drive Diagnostic Link) System from Rexroth facilitates not only the basic operation of the valve units, but beyond, by offering detailed monitoring of the electrical control system. The diagnostics system checks every valve, using criteria such as tolerance of the supply voltage, recognition of the solenoid coil and short circuit display. From the results of these tests the control system is able to generate and display appropriate clear text messages. This means that the diagnostics system does not necessarily wait until there is a fault before it springs into action. The check can be carried out as soon as the machine is switched on. This way it can be determined whether the pneumatic subsystem is operable and functioning correctly in all areas. Valves and valve units offer flexible connectivity and can be incorporated safely and swiftly into a PLC-controlled production plant. The modules are equipped with industrial M12 plug connectors, so that the whole accessory range can be used to connect sensors and actuators.

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