DC/DC Converters operate without heatsink.

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Typhoon(TM) open-frame, single-board converters use synchronous rectification, and employ surface-mount components and planar, in-the-board transformer structures to limit height to 0.3 in. Single-output, 1/8 brick model offers 1.8 V output and delivers up to 40 A with 89% efficiency at full load. Dual-output, ¼ brick models offer 3.3/1.2 V or 3.3/1.8 V independently regulated output configurations. Each channel is capable of delivering up to 20 A, with 90% efficiency at full load.

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Artesyn Set to Take Industry by Storm with Launch of New Typhoon(TM) Family of DC/DC Converters

o ultra low profile, high efficiency products employ innovative power conversion technology

Artesyn Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ NM:ATSN), March 21, 2003 - Artesyn Technologies announces the launch of the first products in its new Typhoon(TM) family of DC/DC converters. All products in the Typhoon(TM) family employ highly innovative - patent pending - power conversion technology, and will establish new performance benchmarks for the industry. They provide best-in-class, breakout performance in four categories: output current capability, efficiency, height and cost. At launch, the family comprises a single-output eighth-brick converter capable of
delivering up to 40A at 1.8V, and two dual-output quarter-bricks offering 20A per channel. Artesyn believes that these very high power density converters will prove especially popular with designers seeking to minimize board footprint, and intends adding further output voltage options to both series of products in the immediate future.

All converters in the Typhoon(TM) family are based on an open-frame, single board package, specifically designed for operation without a heatsink. The converters use synchronous rectification and advanced control techniques to maximise efficiency and transient response, and employ surface-mount components and planar, in-the-board transformer structures to limit their height to just 0.3in (7.7mm). This extremely low profile makes them ideal for applications that use tight inter-board rack spacing. All the converters feature 48V inputs and isolated outputs, making them particularly suitable for telecom systems employing distributed power architectures. Typhoon(TM) converters are specifically designed for use in high performance applications such as mobile switching, wireline A/D Mux's/optical switches, high-end servers, and network multi-gigabit routers.

Typhoon(TM) single output eighth brick
The first product in this series - available now - is a 1.8V output model designed for through-hole mounting, capable of delivering up to 40A. It has an efficiency of 89% at full load, giving a power density figure in excess of 180W/in³. Future Typhoon(TM) models will include 1.2V, 2.5V and 3.3V output configurations. Power design engineers can now substitute a 40A quarter-brick with a 40A eighth-brick, reducing the converter footprint by 38% and the cost by as much as 25%.

Typhoon(TM) dual output quarter brick
The first two products in this series - available now - offer 3.3V/1.2V or 3.3V/1.8V output configurations, and are designed for through-hole mounting. Both these models feature independently regulated outputs, with each channel capable of delivering up to 20A, and have an efficiency of 90% at full load. Future Typhoon TM models will include 3.3V/2.5V and 5.0V/3.3V output configurations. Power design engineers can now replace two 20A quarter-bricks with one dual output 20A quarter-brick, reducing the converter footprint by 50% and the cost by as much as 25%.

Pricing for 1,000-piece quantities is US$64.50 for the single-output eighth-brick, and US$92.00 for the dual-output quarter-brick.

About Artesyn Technologies
Artesyn Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Boca Raton, Fla, is a leading provider of advanced power conversion equipment and real-time subsystems to the communications industry. With one of the broadest portfolios of power products available, Artesyn offers customers a wide range of high efficiency AC/DC power supplies, as well as advanced DC/DC and Point-of-Load converters for distributed power architectures. Artesyn's line of WAN
interfaces, CPU boards, DSP solutions and protocol stacks are also at work in many of today's leading Teledatacom(TM) networks. For more information about Artesyn Technologies and its products, please visit the company's web site at artesyn.com.

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