DALI Interface Module suits building automation industry.

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Programmable 750-641 Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) module lets users monitor and control building lighting when used with DALI Master Module and DALI compatible lighting ballasts. Unit uses proprietary 288-893, 15 Vdc external power supply to provide up to 400 ma of supply current. It supports 3 DALI modules, while eliminating noise. Module can also communicate with 46+ DALI ballasts and provides flexibility to add digital and analog I/O.

Original Press Release:

WAGO DALI Interface Module & External Power Supply

Germantown, WI, June 2004 -- WAGO Corporation introduces the new 750-641 DALI Interface Module (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) as part of their continually expanding I/O System of products for the building automation industry. Customers can now more efficiently monitor and control building lighting with DALI technology using the modular and programmable WAGO 750-641 Interface Module, DALI Master Module and DALI compatible lighting ballast.

The 750-641 DALI Interface Module uses WAGO's 288-893 15VDC external power supply to provide up to 400ma of supply current capable of supporting (3) DALI modules, all while eliminating noise to help control the environment and save energy. In addition, by using the WAGO Pro32 software, when upgraded with the DALI.Lib library files, allows for the function blocks to create the program to control standard controls and the Master and Advanced Master function blocks to do the advanced DALI functions.

Additional key benefits to customers include the ability to communicate to over 46 DALI ballasts providing increased flexibility to add digital input modules to the node for switches; digital outputs can control relays and solenoids; analog inputs can be used for temperature control and light in the room; and analog outputs can be used to control the HVAC. Furthermore, the WAGO Programmable Fieldbus Controllers (PFC) provide connectivity of DALI devices to building wide control networks such as Ethernet and LON.

"The WAGO PFC generates DALI protocol by using the function blocks in WAGO-I/O-PRO or CAA, an IEC-61131 software package for WAGO's programmable buscouplers. The function blocks can be used to create custom lighting control in buildings for power management," said Tracy Lenz, Senior Support Engineer at WAGO. "Whether you need a stand alone device or one that controls multiple ballasts from one source, the WAGO DALI module can be programmed to control functions affected by time of day, seasons, flashing sequence for emergency, or almost anything required."

Both the 750-641 DALI module and the 288-893 external power supply are currently available from inventory. WAGO has competitively positioned this product offering at $174.00 for the 288-893 external power supply that supports up to (3) DALI modules at once, with the 750-641 DALI module at $213.40.

WAGO is the worldwide leader in spring pressure connection technology designed to eliminate loose wires as a result of vibration and temperature cycling, as well as provide a highly reliable, corrosion resistant, and maintenance-free connection. Our complete line of spring pressure connection products include DIN rail mount terminal blocks, chassis mount terminal blocks, PCB mount terminal blocks, relays, signal conditioners, power supplies, surge suppressors, the WAGO I/O SYSTEM and more.

For more information contact WAGO at 1-800-DIN-RAIL, info.us@wago.com, or www.wago.com.

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