Cutting/Lubricating Oil has low-VOC, nonchlorinated formula.

Press Release Summary:

With VOC levels of less than 75 g/L as per Southern California AQMD Rule 1144, TRIM® OM 313 clean running straight oil does not contain any active sulfur, is free of chlorine, and does not stain parts. Suitable uses include form-tapping, thread-rolling, and Swiss screw machines. Offering oxidation inhibition for extended life, oil is proven on steel and bearing steel parts and safe for use on aluminum alloy and steel alloy parts as well as cast iron, copper, brass, and bronze.

Original Press Release:

Low V.O.C. Nonchlorinated Cutting and Lubricating Oil, TRIM® OM 313 Delivers Excellent Performance While Meeting SCAQMD Rule 1144

Perrysburg, Ohio – Master Chemical Corporation announces the release of their new low V.O.C. nonchlorinated straight oil TRIM® OM 313. This new formulation has a decreased V.O.C. content without sacrificing performance levels.

OM 313 was created in response to new regulations in the Southern California AQMD Rule 1144, which limits allowable levels of Volatile Organic Compounds, or V.O.C.s, to less than 75 grams per liter. OM 313 contains no active sulfur and is chlorine-free.

“OM 313 is great for companies that do business in Southern California, or for national companies that want to use the same product at all their plants,” commented R&D Supervisor Conalisa Murphy.

TRIM® OM 313 is a light-colored, clean running straight oil that is excellent for use in difficult processes like form-tapping, thread-rolling, and Swiss screw machines with solid bushings. It doesn’t stain parts, and is easy to clean off. It offers oxidation inhibition for longer life, and is an excellent choice on ferrous and aluminum parts. It will provide improved tool life over dark, heavy, active sulfur or chlorine straight oils.

“Our goal was to lower the V.O.C. content and meet the Southern California AQMD Rule 1144 while creating a product that would have all the capabilities of OM 303. For example, OM 313 has an excellent chlorine-free lubricity package for difficult applications and materials such as stainless and bearing steels. And it provides machine lubrication properties similar to ISO 32 general-purpose lube oils,” stated Vice President-Global Marketing, Dave Barned.

Additionally, OM 313 has been proven on steel and bearing steel parts, and is safe for use on aluminum alloy and steel alloy parts, cast iron, copper, brass, and bronze. OM 313 is an excellent choice where both ferrous and aluminum or copper alloy parts are being machined aggressively.

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Master Chemical Corporation was founded on November 13, 1951. Since then, working closely with the worldwide metalworking community, Master Chemical Corporation has developed and marketed a full line of specialty cutting and grinding fluids, cutting oils, concentrated washing and cleaning compounds, and rust preventives under the TRIM® and Master STAGES™ brand trademarks. These products are both environmentally sound, and when used in conjunction with Master Chemical’s XYBEX® Coolant Recycling and Filtration Systems, are the most durable and stable products available anywhere today. Master Chemical has always been committed to the safety of the people who use our products, the protection of our planet and the environment we live in, and the overall impact on our customers’ profitability. Master Chemical serves customers globally. For further information, please contact a local Distributor which you can find at, call us at 800.537.3365, or visit

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