Cutters and Inserts provide less than 0.0004 in. axial runout.

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Fix-Perfect finishing cutters and inserts are for cast iron milling. Radial negative, axial positive rake angle makes chipload of 0.020 in./tooth possible. Inserts have 4 cutting edges and are offered in 2 grades. K110M is uncoated K10 class grade designed for machining speeds of 500 to 1000 sfm. KC520M is K15 class TiAIN coated grade designed for machining speeds from 600 to 1250 sfm. Cutters are available in diameters from 2.5 to 10 in. and 63 to 250 mm.

Original Press Release:

New Kennametal Finishing Cutters for Cast Iron Eliminate Need for Tool Adjustment

(Latrobe, PA) Kennametal has introduced a new line of finishing cutters and inserts for cast iron milling that can provide significant improvements in productivity by eliminating the need for tool adjustment and providing higher feed rates. New Kennametal Fix-Perfect finishing cutters and inserts are so accurate that without adjustment they provide no more than 0.0004 inch axial runout, eliminating the 45 to 60 minutes that is normally required to set up conventional finishing cutters. The optimized radial negative, axial positive rake angle helps prevent breakout, making it possible to increase chipload from a conventional 0.005 inches per tooth (ipt) to 0.020 ipt. "When
customers see these cutters their first question usually is whether they can really lay down the finishes they need without tool adjustment," said Tim Marshall, Product Manager for Kennametal. "Once we run the cutters and they see the incredibly fine finish they can produce, they become believers."

Fix-Perfect finishing cutters complement the Fix-Perfect line of semifinishing and roughing cutters that were released last year. The new cutters offer a patented insert with four cutting edges and a unique chamfered geometry that acts like a lead angle milling cutter. They are offered in two grades. K110M is an uncoated K10 class grade designed for machining speeds of 500 surface feet per minute (sfm) to 1000 sfm. KC520M is a K15 class TiAIN coated grade designed for machining speeds from 600 sfm to 1250 sfm. These cutters can produce very fine finishes without tool adjustment because the pockets on the cutter body are machined to very close tolerances, inserts are ground on all surfaces, and there are just two pieces of hardware - a clamp stud that goes through the insert and a screw to hold it in. Each insert delivers a wiping effect, resulting in average peak-to-valley roughness height values equal to or better than that of
adjustable cutters. The cutters are available in diameters from 2.5 inches to 10 inches and 63 millimeters to 250 millimeters in metric sizes.

"The combination of body and insert geometry, along with minimal runout, enables you to increase feed rates without having a negative effect on surface finish," said Glenn Sheffler, Standard Product Engineer for Kennametal. "This geometry makes it possible to generate a good finish at feed rates up to five times those normally used for cast iron finishing." The cutters are available in fine pitch styles with a dense concentration of teeth. For example, the 6-inch fine pitch cutter has 20 inserts. With a chipload of 0.020 ipt, this cutter can be fed at 0.400 inches per revolution, about five times faster than normal. As an example of the improvements possible with this cutter, Sheffier pointed to a ductile iron pump housing that is machined with a 6-inch diameter cutter with 20 inserts at 590 sfm, 0.006 ipt, 45 inches per minutes feed rate and 0.005 inch axial depth of cut. Three different competitive cutters produced 20-120 workpieces per cutting edge, 175-200 workpieces per cutting edge, and 900 workpieces per cutting edge while the Fix-Perfect
finishing cutter with grade K110M inserts produced 2600 workpieces per cutting edge. The Fix-Perfect cutter also bested all three competitive inserts in three critical measures of part quality: flatness, angularity, and an average peak-to-valley that exceeded the customer's requirements.

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