Customized Grippers handle sensitive products.

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Offering high-speed alternative to classic vacuum cups, Customized Grippers are made from materials that comply with FDA regulations and therefore meet strict cleaning requirements of food, medical equipment, and pharmaceutical industries. Combination of gentle frictional connection and form fit guarantees secure hold even at high accelerations. Users are provided with everything in one unit, including integrated vacuum generation, gripper-robot interface, and pneumatic/vacuum gripper.

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Customized Grippers that Meet the Highest Requirements in Terms of Performance and Speed

The customized gripper solution with maximum flexibility for all industries

A firm grip at high speed: With its customized grippers FIPA ( provides an
efficient, high-speed alternative to classic vacuum cups. They ensure a firm grip on sensitive products, even with fast cycle times. "FIPA customized grippers are a tailor-made solution for fast manufacturing and packaging processes. As a result of its light weight the system works significantly more efficiently and uses less energy", says Rainer Mehrer, FIPA President and Owner.

What do croissants, muffins, fruit and pralines have in common? First, they are all foods. Second, they are all products that are very sensitive to pressure. And third, they are candidates for FIPA customized grippers in automated manufacturing and packaging processes. However, it is not only in the food industry that FIPA customized grippers demonstrate their strengths; they can, of course, be used in many other industries. In any environment in which components must be handled quickly and safely and a solution using traditional vacuum cups does not work efficiently enough FIPA customized grippers are the right choice. Thanks to their design, which is adapted to the product, and their light weight, they provide a secure grip even with fast cycle times. The combination of gentle frictional connection and form fit guarantees a secure hold even at the highest accelerations used by high-speed gripper or FlexPicker applications. FIPA customized grippers are made from materials that comply with FDA regulations and therefore meet the strict cleaning requirements of the food, medical equipment and pharmaceutical industries. And the best part is that our innovative manufacturing process makes cost-efficient production possible, even with a batch size of one.
  • Customized solution: The gripper shape precisely matches the geometry of the product that is being handled. This guarantees a secure grip on sensitive products.

  • "All-in-one" concept: Users are provided with everything in one unit - from the
    integrated vacuum generation, through the gripper-robot interface, to the
    combination of pneumatic and vacuum grippers.
  • Fast production: With our efficient manufacturing process, customized grippers can be made very quickly, even with a batch size of one piece.
  • Hygienic design: FIPA customized grippers are designed to be easy to clean and are
    made from materials certified for the food industry. They therefore meet all of the
    requirements for use in areas where hygiene is critical.

    Innovative technology for a wide range of industries

    With integrated vacuum generation, internal media channels and integrated functions and
    drives FIPA customized grippers are ideal for applications in packaging technology and in the food, automobile and wood processing industries.

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