Cultec Chambers Help Resolve Flooding for Wal-Mart Expansion

BROOKFIELD, CT/February 21, 2012 -Wal-Mart, (NYSE: WMT), an American multinational retailer corporation that runs chains of large discount department and warehouse stores, is undergoing an expansion to transform its Grand Prairie, Canada location into a Super Center. As part of the major renovation, the project included a reevaluation of the existing stormwater management practices to resolve flooding issues onsite.

The project called for an additional 44,000 square foot expansion to the west of the existing Wal-Mart, situated on a 14.8 acre, site, and included new parking areas. According to Michelle Zwick, Staff Engineer for CULTEC, the discharge flows prior to the expansion were 8.5 gallons per second (32 liters per second).

An underground water storage chamber was selected to address the existing flood issue and to improve the emergency overland flow route. The engineers at Toronto-based Counterpoint Engineering and E2K, in Calgary, used CULTEC's plastic stormwater chamber system, constructed of 175 Recharger® V8HD(TM) units, which provided a storage volume of approximately 16390 cubic feet (464 m3). The chamber provided the largest amount of storage for this project, while also offering the smallest footprint. It is 32 inches high and 60 inches wide and can hold a minimum of about 100 cubic feet of water, with a bare chamber capacity of 8.68 cubic feet per linear foot.

"In our opinion, the CULTEC system is very useful in that it allows for stormwater storage below grade without wasting precious above grade land," said Brad Ellingwood, Owner of E2K. "It naturally filters runoff from the surface, which would eventually make its way to the groundwater table."

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In 1986, CULTEC introduced its Contactor® and Recharger® HDPE septic and stormwater chambers and helped begin a revolution toward the use of plastic construction products. Since then, several product developments and strategic alliances have made CULTEC a cutting-edge R&D-based manufacturer. CULTEC chambers can be used as subsurface retention or detention systems and as replacements for ponds, concrete structures or pipe and stone installations.

CULTEC manufactures nine different chamber sizes ranging from 8.5" - 48" to accommodate almost any site parameter. The chambers' perforated sidewalls and fully open bottoms promote maximum infiltration capability and allow for the transfer of high volumes of water at a low velocity. The units can be installed singularly or in series in single- or multi-layer beds.

In addition, CULTEC developed its own in-line side portal manifold system, which eliminates the need for a conventional pipe header system, and water quality unit for maintaining CULTEC chamber systems. CULTEC products meet H-25 wheel load requirements, have a 10-year warranty and are currently modeled in HydroCAD, Bentley Systems, Inc.'s PondPack®, Autodesk's Autodesk® Storm and Sanitary Analysis, and Streamline Technologies' ICPR.

CULTEC's technical staff offers free design assistance including preliminary calculations and job-specific CAD details. A free CULTEC StormGenie(TM) - AutoCAD® Plug-In for designing CULTEC systems and a free HydroCAD CULTEC custom edition is also available from the company. In addition, CULTEC products can contribute to the U.S. Green Building Council's credits, under the LEED rating system, when the project is designed per LEED requirements.


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