Counter Support suites wire EDM applications.

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Slid-Able Counter Support, Model H4265, incorporates 2 levels for workpiece to rest on and be clamped to. Bottom has removable 6 mm thick base, and is same height of plate that supports workpiece, allowing collision-free clamping. With base removed, workpiece can be held at zero line of machine table. Elongated slot in center of support allows for lateral adjustment of approximately 4½ in. in work zone of machine.

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New Slid-Able Support for Wire EDM Now Available

HIRSCHMANN Engineering U.S.A., Inc., Buffalo Grove, Illinois, now has available the newly designed version of the H4265 Slid-Able Counter Support for wire EDM.

Two possible levels for the workpiece to rest on and be clamped to are incorporated in the new design. The bottom of the device has a removable 6mm thick base, and is the same height as the plate that supports the workpiece, allowing collision free clamping. With this base removed, the workpiece can be held at the zero line of the machine table; however, care must be taken to avoid the lower nozzle.

The elongated slot in the center of the device allows for a lateral adjustment of approximately 4 1/2" in the work zone of the machine. An 8mm bolt and washer are provided for clamping the H4265 to the machine table. The plate supporting the workpiece also incorporates three leveling screws. The toe clamp is used to secure the part, similar to a vertical vise. Additional clamps, screws and stand-offs are available in the clamp kit H2850.

Several H4265 Counter Supports can be used to support larger workpieces of any shape. The H4265 is also included in the Samson Vise Kit C40.33E/3D and can be used to stabilize larger parts held on the opposite side of the table in the Samson Vise.

The H4265 Counter Support is featured in the 24-page Fixturing System 4000 for Wire EDM catalog. The catalog also features frame sets, clampers, pallets, a variety of part holding devices, set-up stations and a submersible rotary axis. Products are presented with photographs, technical drawing and product descriptions for easy use.

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