Converter Cable connects serial device to Ethernet network.

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Measuring 28 in. long, eCOV-110 links serial devices to computer network without additional PC or replacing existing devices. It supports TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, DHCP, TELNET, ICRM, and ARP protocols and provides up to 115 Kbaud RS-232 port compatible with 10/100 Mbps Ethernet hubs. Powered by external wall-mount supply or +5 V on pin 9 of RS-232 port, FCC/CE-marked unit comes with browser-based firmware configuration software and supports Windows, UNIX, and LINUX operating systems.

Original Press Release:

Economical Serial-Ethernet Convert Cable with Virtual COMport Software - Network Your Serial Product Easily

Pittsford, NY: eCOV-110 is the most economical way to link serial devices to a computer network without an additional PC sitting next to your serial devices. There's no need to replace existing low cost serial devices in order to have networking capabilities. Just use eCOV-110 cable and your product will have an IP address in minutes!

eCOV-110 is compact in size with a 28" cable length - you can position your equipment and instantly get an up-to-115Kbaud RS-232 port that is compatible with most 10/100mpbs Ethernet hubs. Powered by an external wall-mount supply (provided) or +5V on pin 9 of the RS-232 port , eCOV- 110 is the perfect solution for remote control applications such as POS, security system, medical/factory/laboratory automation, or for updating older serial products. eCOV-110 support TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, DHCP, TELNET, ICRM, ARP protocols. eCOV-110 comes with browser-based firmware configuration software that is easy to use.

eCOV-110 easily connects to RS-232 serial devices like barcode scanners, swipe-card readers, proximity card readers, electronic door- locks, medical and security equipment. Connect any serial output to an Ethernet network that consists of a single Computer host or your complete LAN or WAN.

Applications include:

Access Control : - attach your Access Control Product with eCOV-110 so you can monitor and control all your serial devices in different rooms, buildings, cities or even countries from the computer on your desk.

Network power control - switch On/Off your serial devices via eCOV-110 Serial- Ethernet Converter.

Automation - POS peripherals, factory automation, barcode scanners Home/Building Monitoring for controlling any serial (RS-232C) device.

Medical Equipment - interface serial medical devices with an eCOV-110 to send readings or other information over internet so that medical staff can view patient data remotely.

FCC/CE-marked eCOV-110 supports Win 95/98/2000/NT4.0, UNIX, and LINUX operating systems. LEDs indicate operational status. Serial formats supported include speeds up to 115.2K bps with None/Odd/Even Parity, 7 or 8 data bits, 1 or 2 Stop bits with RTS,CTS,DTR,DSR, DCD, handshakes.

eCOV-110 offers unbeatable value for money and is available now at $99.95 from stock from Saelig Co. Inc. Pittsford NY.

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