Content Management Software creates virtual cluster in single server.

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CAStor(TM) v3.0 Cluster in a Box creates scalable, self-managing clustered content storage that suits cloud and scalable file storage infrastructures in order to optimize use of high-density servers that ship with as many as 24 HDDs. Using multi-core processors to maximize performance and efficiency, one or more drives can be assigned to each virtual CAStor node in single, physical server chassis. Object-based storage software scales from 1 TB to petabytes and offers archiving features.

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Caringo CAStor 3.0 'Cluster in a Box' Now Shipping Enables Virtual CAStor Cluster in a Single Server

AUSTIN, Texas, June 23 -- Caringo Inc., the leading provider of content storage software enabling clustered storage for active and archive content, today announced volume shipments of its new CAStor(TM) 3.0 "Cluster in a Box" software, which creates easily scalable, self-managing clustered content storage that suits cloud and scalable, file storage infrastructures. Version 3.0 allows a virtual CAStor storage cluster to be implemented in one multi-core server.

CAStor 3.0 makes ideal use of today's high-density servers that ship with as many as 24 hard drives. Users can assign one or more drives to each virtual CAStor node in a single, physical server chassis using multi-core processors to maximize performance and efficiency. This "Cluster in a Box" model improves utilization of existing resources and minimizes the number of servers required, reducing power and floor space utilization.

CAStor is object-based storage software that seamlessly scales from 1Terabyte to Petabytes and is simple to administer. It provides the flexibility to build an affordable clustered storage infrastructure using standard server hardware. The built-in archive features of CAStor ensures content retention and preservation to meet government compliance and legal requirements. Combined with the Content Router, Caringo provides automated and intelligent, rules-based content distribution to round out a complete content storage architecture.

"Using CAStor 3.0 to create a virtual cluster within a single physical chassis is a great way to maximize the benefits of multi-core technology and optimize high-density servers, " said Mark Goros, CEO at Caringo. "This new version gives organizations more flexibility to pack high density in a few nodes or spread nodes out and implement the most cost-effective cloud storage solution that best meets their performance requirements."

4 TB of free CAStor software is available for download at and requires only a single multi-core server to start.

CAStor 3.0 includes an updated and streamlined administrative console with simple cluster-wide management of physical and virtual storage nodes. Its standard HTTP interface seamlessly integrates with web applications and business applications such as e-mail archiving, enterprise content management (ECM), medical imaging and genomic research.

About Caringo

Caringo Inc. is an innovative software provider focused on delivering the most advanced technology for accessing, storing and distributing content or file-based data. Its flagship product, CAStor, dramatically improves the scope and economics of content storage by enabling customers to implement robust storage clusters without being locked into proprietary hardware. Founded on the operating principle that things should be made as simple as possible and a customer-first focus, Caringo makes content and file storage affordable, scalable, fast and easy. More information can be found at

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