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Mechanical Power Transmission

Caringo Virtual Drive features background parallel transfer.

Nov 15, 2017

Caringo Virtual Drive can be installed on macOS® and Windows® systems. Unit allows user to upload content quickly and provides simple drive-based access to Swarm from application. Product helps to eliminate storage silos by turning standard server hardware into a limitless pool of data resources.

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Object Storage Software supports objects up to 4 TB.

Jan 30, 2012

Designed to make big data manageable, Object Storage Platform 5.5 comprises 3 software applications that work together to provide scalable storage with automated protection and replication. CAStor® object storage engine stores files of unknown size via chunked encoding, while Content Router rules-based workflow engine for metadata-driven global replication supports enumeration of named... Read More


Storage Management Software offers multi-tenancy capabilities.

Nov 01, 2010

Used for enterprise and private cloud storage, CAStor v5.0 provides user-assigned symbolic naming that leverages existing CAStor infrastructure to deliver access to objects in cluster. Semantics are consistent with emerging standards for public cloud storage services, and functionality lets enterprises host multiple departments or divisions within one physical private cloud. Each maintains total... Read More


Content Storage Software combines security, scalability,.

May 19, 2010

Providing operational and reporting efficiency, CAStor(TM) v4.0 offers data integrity, authentication, and retention built into architecture for compliance or information protection. Object-based software also incorporates adaptive power conservation technology and supports capacity scaling using off-the-shelf, commodity server hardware. Able to dynamically balance load and storage based on usage... Read More


Content Management Software creates virtual cluster in single server.

Jul 07, 2009

CAStor(TM) v3.0 Cluster in a Box creates scalable, self-managing clustered content storage that suits cloud and scalable file storage infrastructures in order to optimize use of high-density servers that ship with as many as 24 HDDs. Using multi-core processors to maximize performance and efficiency, one or more drives can be assigned to each virtual CAStor node in single, physical server... Read More


Data Storage Software eliminates limitations of NAS systems.

Dec 19, 2008

Built on object-based storage clusters, CAStor Content File Server provides standard file system access to CAStor content storage that can start at small capacities and scale to meet growth of file-based data. POSIX compliant file system supports industry standard CIFS, NFS, Mac, FTP, and WebDAV, as well as ability to run native Linux file system. Providing continuous snapshot, Timescape allows... Read More

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