Conduction Cooled Switches suit military applications.

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Integrated VME Ethernet switch RM940 has eight 10/100 Mbps auto-negotiating ports. Model RM946M 24-port 10/100 BaseTX Ethernet Switch has 2 Gigabit uplinks and Layer 2 switching capabilities. Model RM931/M consists of 16-port, 10/100BaseTX VME switch with 2 Gigabit Ethernet port uplinks. Conduction cooled CP920/12M, 12-port Gigabit switch is designed to CompactPCI form factor. Model CP663FX/3UM, 3U CompactPCI Ethernet card offers dual 100FX interfaces.

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GE Fanuc Offers Cooler Products for the Military Market

Additional Conduction Cooled product availability for CPCI and VME applications

Huntsville, Ala. - GE Fanuc Automation Americas, Inc., an affiliate of GE Infrastructure, announces the latest developments in its family of conduction cooled products. Addressing the stringent requirements of military and defense applications that typically demand operating temperature adherence of -40 to 85 degrees Centigrade for networking cards and -40 to 70 degrees for switches, GE Fanuc's original product line has now been enhanced to include the latest leading edge technology in this arena, addressing the networking and embedded switching needs of its customer base.

The RM940 is a fully integrated VME Ethernet switch designed to support the low-cost requirements of unmanaged switch applications. With eight 10/100Mbps auto-negotiating ports, the board is designed to carry data traffic without having to compromise the quality of traffic. This is accomplished by using the packet prioritization scheme, packets being prioritized based upon their layer 2 VLAN priority tag or the layer 3 Type-Of-Service/ Differentiated Services (TOS/DS) field.

The RM946M, a 24 port 10/100 BaseTX Ethernet Switch with 2 Gigabit uplinks offers Layer 2 switching capabilities for applications looking to route traffic based on the mac address only. Full management control is provided via Telnet and a Serial Console port. The switch supports SNMP monitoring of port settings and port statistics. The RM946M provides the same functionality as our commercial off-the-shelf RM944 VME card including VLAN control, port mirroring and trunking and STP.

For higher end switching requirements targeted towards applications looking to route on the IP address, GE Fanuc offers the RM931/M, a 16 port 10/100BaseTX VME switch enhanced by 2 Gigabit Ethernet port uplinks. Supporting full layer 3 management capabilities, the switch encompasses all the monitoring software capabilities such as VLAN configuration, port filtering and QoS.

"Traditionally, most requests from the military and defense markets have been standardized around the VME architecture. Recently, however, we are seeing an increasing trend towards the acceptance of CompactPCI in these applications," explained Kim Barnhill, product marketing manager, embedded systems, GE Fanuc Automation. "We are now addressing these requirements with both our embedded Ethernet switch and fail-over NIC product lines."

The CP920/12M is a conduction cooled, 12 port Gigabit switch designed to the CompactPCI form factor and fully compliant to the PICMG 2.16 specification. The CP920/12M has been designed for harsh environments and based on the commercially convection cooled 24-port CP920.

Enhancing the switch product range to extend to the network interface, GE Fanuc has introduced a conduction cooled, 3U CompactPCI Ethernet card offering dual 100FX interfaces. The CP663FX/3UM is functionally the same as the PMC663FX, supporting all the popular RTOS and UNIX drivers.

The RM940, RM931M and CP663FX/3UM are available and shipping in quantities now. The RM946M and the CP920/12M will be available in the first quarter, 2004.

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