Condensate Recovery System handles temperatures to 392°F.

Press Release Summary:

Available in cast iron or cast steel, GP14 PowerTrap(TM) pumps high-temperature condensate for vented receivers, sumps, and other pump applications. Non-electric design ensures no cavitation or seal leakage, and externally removable motive medium intake valve is protected by internal screen. Able to handle temperatures to 392°F and pressures to 200 psig, product has Inconel compression spring and connection sizes of 3 x 2 NPT, 2 X 2, and 3 x 2 flanged.

Original Press Release:

TLV's New GP14 Powertrap(TM)

TLV is pleased to announce the new GP14 PowerTrap, an advanced condensate recovery system for pumping high-temperature condensate for vented receivers, sumps and other important pump applications.

The GP14 provides exceptional high-pressure, high-temperature condensate pumping services up to 392° F and 200 psig. Based on the highly durable GP10 PowerTrap, the GP14 offers the following significant advantages:

o EXTENDED RELIABILITY with non-electric design, ensuring no cavitation or seal leakage

o EXCEPTIONALLY DURABLE INCONEL compression spring with lifetime spring limited warranty

o HIGHLY ENERGY EFFICIENT contoured body design increases energy savings

o EXCELLENT SERVICEABILITY with its externally removable motive medium intake valve, which is protected by an internal screen

o COMPACT DESIGN operates with low filling head and facilitates installation

TLV'S GP14 PowerTrap is available in cast iron or cast steel, with connection sizes of 3x2 NPT, 2X2, and 3x2 flanged. This high-pressure, high-temperature PowerTrap is an excellent first choice for condensate recovery systems.

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