Compression Latch has grip with key lock for security.

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Vise Action(TM) Series has ergonomic wing-knob design that incorporates extended wings, recessed grips, and lock plug capability, all in 2.2 in. wide package that protrudes 0.87 in. above door surface. Fixed grip model, with min protrusion depth of 1.59 in. within enclosure, is available with pawl options to accommodate grip dimensions from 0.59-2.09 in. Adjustable model, with offset-pawl options, accommodates grips from 0.45-3.00 in. Non-locking versions are also available.

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New Hand-Actuated Compression Latch Knob Design Provides Convenient Grip with Lockable Security

Southco has added a stylized new latch that combines tool-free operation with optional key-locking security to its line of Vise Action(TM) Series compression latches. The ergonomic wing-knob design incorporates extended wings for easy turning, recessed grips for pulling the door open, plus built-in lock plug capability, all in a compact package just 2.2 inches (56 mm) wide, with an external protrusion of just 0.87 inches (22 mm) above the door surface.

A half-turn motion of the wing knob rotates the latch pawl into position behind the frame and pulls it snug with a consistent 0.25 inches (6.4 mm) of pull-up compression. This compression provides positive sealing for applications where shock or vibration can loosen conventional latches and where gaskets are used for EMI/RFI or environmental sealing, or for noise/vibration reduction. Internal and external gaskets in the wing-knob latch assemblies also make them suitable for NEMA-4 and IP-65 applications.

Several wing-knob models are available to satisfy a wide range of installation requirements. A fixed grip model with a minimum protrusion depth of 1.59 inches (40.4 mm) within the enclosure is available, with a variety of pawl options to accommodate grip dimensions as small as 0.59 inches (15 mm) or as large as 2.09 inches (53.1 mm). An adjustable model with multiple offset-pawl options can accommodate grip dimensions from 0.45 inches (11.4 mm) up to 3.00 inches (76.2 mm).

Applications requiring repetitive human access, secure closure, and occasional locking are ideal for these new wing-knob compression latches. This includes enclosures for electrical cabinets, access panels on industrial machinery, as well as doors and panels on buses, off-highway equipment, and recreational vehicles.

Key-lock options include black powder-coated lock plugs or shuttered lock plugs with a stainless steel cover, reversible key locks, and the availability of multiple key codes. For additional flexibility, latches can be ordered with user-installed lock plugs. Non-locking versions of this new compression latch are also available.

Panel preparation for latch installation is easy, requiring just a single hole. Mounting holes can be round, square, or square with radius corners.

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