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Controls & Controllers

RFID Access Controller supports MIFARE® contactless smart cards.

Oct 25, 2017

EA-P3 High Frequency RFID Access Controller is suitable for electronic credential management applications. Unit is equipped with integrated LED which provides visual feedback of card acceptance. Product features adjustable door release timer and is compatible with existing credentials.

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Fasteners & Hardware

E5 Wing Knob Cam Latch comes with concave side surface.

Oct 12, 2017

E5 Cam Latch’s padlocking feature can accept hasp shackle up to 8mm in diameter. Unit’s wing knob can function as handle and actuator and offers ingress protection. Product is suitable for industrial equipment applications and features panel hole prep. Cam latch meets NEMA 4 and IP65 standards.

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Controls & Controllers

EA-BT BLUETOOTH® Controller offers wireless control.

Oct 05, 2017

EA-BT BLUETOOTH® Controller is used for monitoring of intelligent locks. Unit comes with remote web portal for credential management and audit trail monitoring. Product features multi-level encryption and can read a smartphone from 30 feet away. Controller can be combined with intelligent electronic locking solutions.

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Fasteners & Hardware

52 Miniature Captive Screw Series features over-molded head.

Sep 29, 2017

52 Miniature Captive Screw Series features press-in and surface mount technology options. Unit comes with metal finish and offers tool-operated recesses and hand-tightened knurled head options. Product is suitable for metal enclosure panels and PC boards applications.

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Fasteners & Hardware

R4-10 Rotary Latch comes with an integrated bumper.

Aug 17, 2017

R4-10 Rotary Latches are available as single and two-stage latching and are constructed of corrosion-resistant steel or stainless steel. Unit’s integrated cable mounting bracket makes it suitable for use in off-highway, marine and industrial machinery applications. These Latches can be combined with Southco’s line of mechanical and electronic actuators and cables.

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Machinery & Machining Tools

Southco’s AC Cable Splitter features built-in adjustability.

May 25, 2017

Constructed of corrosion-resistant plastic with protective cover, Southco’s AC Cable Splitter can be integrated with mechanical and electronic actuators, rotary latches and jacketed cables. Allowing multiple connected rotary latches to be triggered from single actuation point, product is suitable for applications that require remote latching. Occupying minimal space within enclosure, unit... Read More

Fasteners & Hardware

R4-10 Rotary Latch comes with integrated bumper feature.

May 11, 2017

Made of corrosion-resistant steel and stainless steel, R4-10 Rotary Latch can be combined with mechanical, electronic actuators and cables. Suitable for applications where short distance exists between actuator and rotary latch, unit can be mounted on different sides of application. Latch can be triggered directly through push button or level-style actuator.

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Fasteners & Hardware

E3 VISE ACTION® Compression Latch comes with polished finish.

Apr 18, 2017

Made from stainless steel, E3 VISE ACTION® Compression Latch meets EN61373, NEMA 4 and IP65 standards. Suitable for railway applications, unit delivers vibration-free fastening of heavily gasketed enclosures. Featuring T-handle grip and padlockable design, unit are available with pre-installed cam options and variety of grip lengths.

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Material Handling & Storage

LIFT-A-SYST® Counterbalance System eliminates need for constant maintenance.

Mar 15, 2017

Combining assisted lifting force and positional stability, LIFT-A-SYST® Series is designed for controlling weight of heavy flip-up countertops and covers. Allowing heavy doors to be lifted with less effort, product neutralizes weight of heavy doors and covers.

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Fasteners & Hardware

E3 Vise Action Compression Latch meets NEMA 4 and IP65 standards.

Jan 16, 2017

Delivering robust and vibration-resistant fastening, E3 Vise Action Compression Latch fits into enclosures with interior space constraints. Featuring variety of grip lengths, unit provides secure latching for high vibration environments. Suitable for rugged and outdoor applications, product is available with pre-installed cam options which minimizes installation time.

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Fasteners & Hardware, Safety & Security Equipment

R4-05 Micro Rotary Latch offers concealed latching.

Jan 13, 2017

Made of corrosion-resistant steel, R4-05 Micro Rotary Latch provides increased security with greater toughness. Ideally used in applications with space constraints like industrial machinery industries, R4-05 latches minimize protrusion being compact and symmetrical. Latches permit remote actuation rotary systems to be integrated into applications and features bumper to resist vibrations.... Read More

Fasteners & Hardware

H3-EM Swinghandle Reader meets HIPAA, HITECH and PCI DSS requirements.

Dec 23, 2016

Integrated with multi-class RFID, H3-EM Swinghandle Reader reads HID 125 kHz RFID credentials and 13.56 MHz iCLASS® smart card based credentials. Featuring integrated LED indicators for visual status of equipment access, unit offers single-hole panel preparation that is compatible with industry standard enclosures for OEM integration. With access control system connection, reader enables... Read More

Fasteners & Hardware, Safety & Security Equipment

E5 Shutter Cam Latch offers visual indication when unsecured.

Nov 13, 2016

Complementing the drop bushing feature with additional security, E5 Shutter Cam Latch prevents the cam from rotating open in high vibration applications. With a spring loaded bushing that needs to be manually depressed in order to actuate latch, device alerts operator if latch is not entirely closed. E5 meets NEMA 4 and IP65 standards for water and dust protection, as well as EN61373 - shock... Read More

Mounting & Attaching Products

Southco's Miniature ST Positioning Hinges preset during manufacture to minimize maintenance.

Oct 14, 2016

Designed for smaller doors and panels requiring increased torque capability, the miniature ST-5A Embedded Positioning Hinge helps in precise positioning, and eliminates the need for secondary support components to hold them in position. Preset during the manufacturing process, hinges feature a compact design that allow easy installation in thin profile applications. ST-5A is tested and validated... Read More

Mounting & Attaching Products

Counterbalance Hinge makes heavy lids feel lightweight.

Aug 25, 2016

Designed with integrated spring system, CA Counterbalance Hinge allows heavy lid or panel to be lifted with minimal operating effort, and will continue to hold it securely in any position. Hinge features external mounting style, allowing for increased capacity within enclosure, and eliminates need for secondary support components. Product offers effortless fingertip positioning and tested,... Read More

Fasteners & Hardware

Electronic Rotary Latch features MPU-controlled operation.

Jul 18, 2016

Providing intelligent, reliable electronic access, R4-EM 9 Series delivers electronic latching through microprocessor-controlled actuation. Microprocessor control of all input and output commands expands programing capability and customization of latch functionality, while integrated door sensor and extended housing lend to tamper resistance. Also included, integrated trigger sensor provides... Read More

Fasteners & Hardware

Captive Screw enables tool-free access via wing knob design.

May 23, 2016

Able to be used to designate access through standard and custom color options, 4C Wing Knob Captive Screw features over-molded, contoured, wing-style head design that simplifies positioning of sliding components, installation, and quick-release for facilitated removal. Press-in, flare-in, and SMT options provide versatility for fastening and unfastening by hand when mounting doors, panels, and... Read More

Computer Hardware & Peripherals, Fasteners & Hardware, Mounting & Attaching Products

Heavy-Duty AV Display Mounts accommodate larger, heavier displays.

Apr 22, 2016

Supporting monitors up to 23 kg, VESA-compliant AV-D40 Series includes Tilt and Swivel Mount (K Series); Tilt, Swivel and Single Arm (A Series); and Dual Extension Arm (D Series) designed with integrated Positioning Technology for precise control and customization of operation. Products holds displays securely in place during touchscreen operation, under vibration, or when mounted on... Read More

Fasteners & Hardware

Aluminum Compression Latch provides adjustable grip.

Mar 08, 2016

E3 VISE ACTION® Compression Latch series includes adjustable grip style, which features aluminum construction and suits outdoor applications requiring strength without additional weight. Tested to EN45545 and EN61373, adjustable grip E3 Compression Latch offers diverse industry applicability. Various grip lengths and head style options are available. Additionally, panel hole prep is... Read More

Fasteners & Hardware

Compact Rotary Latch features dual trigger actuation.

Dec 03, 2015

Suitable for doors and panels that require actuation from multiple positions, R4-10 provides concealed latching and increased security. Multiple points of actuation allow triggering via 2 independent actuators. Constructed of corrosion-resistant steel, product is available with integrated bumper feature and single- or dual-stage latching. Latch can be combined with Southco mechanical and... Read More

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