Compressed Air Valve features programmable timer.

Press Release Summary:

Permitting pre-scheduled, untended operation of any compressed air-driven equipment, timer ball valve opens and closes compressed air line for selected duration on programmable schedule. Quartz controlled timer permits multiple cycles each day. Unit is supplied with 115 V cord and plug, and one 1 in. NPT ball valve for compressed air.

Original Press Release:

Programmable Timer Ball Valve Permits Untended Operation of Compressed Air Driven Equipment

A new programmable automatic timer for compressed air supply permits prescheduled untended operation of any air-driven equipment. Introduced by Keller Products, the new timer ball valve will open and close a compressed air line for a selected duration on a programmable schedule. For example, when used on the air supply to a Keller machine tool coolant purifier with an air-driven pump, the timer ball valve will relieve the machine tool operator from involvement in the purifier operation, or permit completely untended operation of the purifier during shop off-hours. The timer ball valve is ideal for conserving compressed air in facilities with limited compressed air supply. Features include an easy to program quartz controlled timer with multiple cycles possible in each day. The unit is supplied with a 115v cord and plug, and a 1 inch NPT ball valve for the compressed air. To install, simply pipe the compressed air line to the inlet and outlet of the ball valve, and plug the power cord into a 115v outlet.

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