Compressed Air Expansion Grippers have lightweight design.

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For applications where contact surface is too small for vacuum cups or grippers could cause damage, Expander grippers plunge into workpiece and increase in size to provide tight and secure grip with lifting force range of less than 1 kg to 65 kg. Aluminum design features 14-30 mm clamping shafts and does not have any steel components. Gripping force can be controlled by input pressure, and 11 sizes are available, with IDs from 4.5-85 mm, to suit wide variety of applications.

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Expansion Grippers

The gentle alternative to conventional grippers Grip workpieces gently from inside: FIPA ( has completely revamped its expansion gripper series "Expander". The new generation of grippers is up to 30% lighter than and just as universal as the four existing versions. "Typical expansion gripper applications such as the removal of plastic containers from injection molding machines as well as the handling of bottles or other open containers in the packaging industry can now be realized more economically with the new product series," according to Rainer Mehrer, FIPA President and Owner. The right solution for every handling task: When the contact surface is too small for using vacuum cups or grippers could damage the workpiece, the FIPA expansion grippers are the right solution. A simple principle implemented optimally: the FIPA plunges into a workpiece. Due to compressed air, the inner piston diameter of the elastomer part compresses, the diameter of which increases as a result. The result: the workpiece is gripped tightly and held securely. To set it down, the compressed air is switched off, the piston returns to its original position and the elastomer part takes on its original shape again. The workpiece can be removed. All expansion grippers have this operating principle in common. The technical implementation is typical for FIPA. For example, the new expansion grippers "Expander" have no steel components. They are up to 30% lighter thanks to the new lightweight aluminum design. This allows for higher dynamics, especially in complex gripper systems with many expansion grippers. Another new feature is that all grippers have clamping shafts (14 to 30 mm) for connecting to the FIPA gripper construction kit and all standard systems.

  • Universal solution design with four versions: expansion grippers with downward movement pistons and coaxial air connection are standard. Optional with lateral air connection and passage bore hole for additional pressure/vacuum test or cooling the workpiece. Both versions are available with upward movement pistons for gripping workpieces securely, which are on a surface or arranged at short distances from one another.
  • Considerable gripping force: FIPA expansion grippers can even handle heavy components. They have a lifting force range from less than 1 kg to 65 kg (650 N). The gripping force can be controlled by the input pressure.
  • Wide product range: thanks to 11 sizes with inner diameters from 4.5 to 85 mm, the right expansion gripper is available for almost every application imaginable.
  • Easily replaceable elastomer parts made of EPDM or silicon: EPDM is low-marking, heat resistant up to 130° C and has high-friction coefficients. Silicon is approved for applications in the foodstuffs industry and heat resistant up to 200° C.
  • Optional accessories: Up to two proximity sensors can be attached to a gripper for monitoring the gripping process. The gripper moves precisely into the workpiece to be handled using a centering cone. Greater cost-effectiveness thanks to the combination of several process steps In addition to the actual handling during production, subsequent quality control is also possible using the FIPA expansion grippers "Expander". An additional passage bore hole serves this purpose, through which the hollow parts are either filled with compressed air or a vacuum for a stability test. Consequently, FIPA expansion grippers combine the process steps of gripping and testing. The advantages: increased cycle time, greater cost-effectiveness and often less space requirements. FIPA is an international company, operating in the fields of Vacuum Technology and End-of-Arm-Tooling. We specialise in developing and marketing quality products and innovative solutions for all aspects of material flow systems. FIPA's headquarter is based in Ismaning near Munich/Germany since 1985 and is characterised by sustained growth. Current and comprehensive information at

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