Compact NC Rotary Tables suit wire or RAM EDM machines.

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Model MDHW and MDWAT 102B each hold and position workpieces in wirecut and sinker type EDM units. With stainless steel construction, each unit has environmental seals that allow unit to be completely submerged in dielectric fluid. Single-axis MDHW rotates 360° in fixed plane in 0.001° increments, while MDWAT has rotary axis with 360° of movement in .001° increments as well as tilt axis with 150° of movement in .001° increments.

Original Press Release:

Compact, Stainless Steel NC Rotary Tables from LMC are Ideal for Wire or RAM EDM Machines

Logansport, IN - Logansport Matsumoto Company has developed two compact NC Rotary Tables to hold and position workpieces in both wirecut and sinker type EDM units. Both feature stainless steel construction and employ environmental seals, which allow them to be completely submerged in the dielectric fluid.

The Model MDHW is a single-axis unit that rotates 360 degrees in a fixed plane in 0.001 degree increments. The Model MDWAT table is a two-axis unit that rotates and tilts the workpiece. The rotary axis has 360 degree of movement in .001 degree increments, and a tilt axis of 150 degrees of movement in .001 degree increments.

The MDWAT 102B two-axis NC Rotary Table measures just 445 mm (17.52 inches) wide by 240 mm (9.45 inches) deep by 210 mm (8.27 inches) high. The MDHW 100L single-axis NC Rotary Table is even smaller, measuring 301 mm (11.85 inches) wide by 187 mm (7.36 inches) deep by 178 mm (7 inches) high.

Both tables offer 22.2rpm in the rotary axis. Plus, the MDWAT models offers 11.1rpm in the tilt axis.

In addition to their compact footprint, both NC Rotary Tables can be fitted with a number of different chucks to hold a workpiece. The units normally come equipped with a System 3R chuck built into the table. Other chucks are available upon request.

Both tables are fitted with small, compact motors. Depending upon the application, LMC Rotary Tables can to married to the main EDM system control or furnished with their own dedicated control system.

The LMC Workholding line includes...
o LMC and Matsumoto hydraulic power chucks, cylinders and wheel chucks;
o LMC Rotary tables for single and multiple axis CMC turning, EDM and other machining applications;
o Atling Steady Rests;
o Neidlein face divers, as well as live and dead centers.

Contact Logansport Matsumoto Company, P.O. Box 7006, Logansport, IN 46947-7006, telephone 574-735-0225, fax 574-722-6559, e-mail Website:

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