CNC Turning Center simultaneously machines 1 or 2 parts.

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Capable of simultaneous or independent machining, Nakamura-Tome WTW-150 employs twin spindles and 4 turrets. It can turn complex, precision parts completely in one setup. Machining flexibility is provided via independent slides, 13 controlled axes, equal left and right machining, and 48 stations of flexible tooling. Dual FANUC CNCs allow independent programming of each spindle, while polygonal turning capability produces squares and hexagons, even in middle of workpiece.

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CNC Turning Center Provides Simultaneous or Independent Machining of 1 or 2 Parts

SUDBURY, MA - With twin spindles and 4 turrets, the Nakamura-Tome WTW-150 can turn even the most complex precision parts quickly and completely in a single setup. Independent slides, 13 controlled axes, equal left and right machining, and 48 stations of flexible tooling provide unmatched flexibility and productivity.

Dual FANUC CNCs allow independent programming of each spindle and permit a variety of machining strategies. Each spindle is capable of independent 4-axis turning, and each offers C-axis control for infinite spindle positioning and continuous feed. But users can use both spindles and all four turrets to machine both ends of a part simultaneously, reducing cycle times. Or they can use the upper and lower turrets to perform simultaneous milling and drilling operations, reducing cycle times and eliminating the time and expense of refixturing the part on a machining center for secondary processing. And by synchronizing the spindles, users can cut a single part - even an asymmetrical one - using four turrets simultaneously for minimum cycle times.

The WTW-150's polygonal turning capability produces squares and hexagons at high speed, cutting chamfer, flat-face, and tapered polygons even in the middle of a workpiece. This capability further reduces cycle times compared with the traditional "single pass" milling methods of producing multiple flat surfaces.

The WTW-150's twin spindles have 6" chucks and maximum speeds from 4000 to 8000 rpm (depending on bar size) in 3.6 seconds. An integral 10 HP high-torque motor directly drives each spindle with no slippage or vibration. The absence of pulleys improves turning roundness. Spindles are oil-cooled to reduce thermal growth, and both the hydraulic and the cooling units are thermally isolated to avoid heat transfer. Maximum turning diameter is 12.20", and maximum turning length is 10.04". Distance between spindles is 42.13".

Each of the machine's 4 massive turrets provide extreme rigidity and houses a 5 HP milling spindle with a maximum speed of 6000 rpm in 0.4 seconds. Each turret also holds 12 live tools for milling, drilling, and tapping. Chip-to-chip time is 1.4 seconds.

To meet different manufacturing challenges, options include automatic bar feeders, gantry loaders, work stockers, shaft loaders and unloaders, parts catchers, tool setters, and high-pressure coolant pumps. For Y-axis applications, a 1.3 HP AC servo unit with ± 30 mm (1.18") travel is available on both upper turrets. Optional circular and helical interpolation provide full cutter radius compensation, virtually eliminating special holders previously required when working above and below centerline.

State-of-the-art CNC software packages enhance automatic machining in every application. Interactive control allows the programming of simple or complex components more quickly than with conventional programming. 3D animation visually depicts how the work is proceeding.

Methods Machine Tools, Inc., has been a supplier of precision machine tools and accessories for over 45 years. Methods is the exclusive North American source for Nakamura-Tome turning centers, providing installation, parts, service, and training through a nationwide network of dealers.

For more information, contact Scott McIver, Vice President, Methods Machine Tools, Inc., 64 Union Avenue, Sudbury, MA 01776, TEL: (978) 443-5388, FAX: (978) 440-9405,

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