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Product:  "Sticky Strip ™ on a Roll" by Clip Strip Corp.

Clip Strip Corp., inventors of the globally utilized point of purchase Clip Strip® Merchandiser, has done it again.  Seeing a need in certain markets for a lower cost and more versatile version of the popular "Sticky Strip™" line of merchandising strips, CSC Corp has responded with Sticky Strips ™on Rolls. Regular Sticky Strips™ do not have traditional mounting hooks: packages are attached by applying pressure to adhesive stripes –  the perfect solution for packaging without hang holes. Because much of the snack food and candy packages have no hang holes, these strips are quickly becoming the industry standard for merchandise weighing between the 3 to 10 oz. range.

However, route drivers and independent retailers needed a strip that could be easily loaded "on the spot," at the store, as opposed to pre-loaded strips delivered by distributors or shipping companies. The new Sticky Strip™, the first to come out on a roll, works well for packaging 3 oz. or less.  It provides unparalleled versatility because it can be cut to any desired length. This Sticky Strip™ can be a 4, 6, 8, 12, or 15-position strip; it's all up to the user. Easily adapt the strip to the product and to the needs of the individual store – at the store.

Today, there are virtually no limits on what can be done with strip merchandising.  If interested, contact Clip Strip Corp. at and ask for free samples of the new Sticky Strips™ on Rolls or any of the other Clip Strip® Merchandisers  (as well most items in CSC's extensive  product line). 


ADDRESS:   343 South River Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601

TELEPHONE:  1-800-425-4778

AUTHORIZED BY:  John Spitaletta

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