Chuck Exchange System provides fast changeovers.

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With AJC Chucking System, face of chuck comes off as single unit so all 3 jaws can be removed and replaced simultaneously. Separate plate containing top jaws for each part can be stored on rack next to turning center. Auto-clamping feature allows complete changeovers in less than 30 sec. When integrated with robot loader and vision part-identification system, it provides 100% unattended operation.

Original Press Release:

AJC Chucking System from Logansport Matsumoto is Ideal for High Production Environments

Logansport, IN - Logansport Matsumoto Company's AJC Chucking System eliminates most of the time required to change jaws, even with quick-change chucks that still require each jaw to be changed individually. With the AJC Chucking System, the whole face of the chuck comes off as a unit, so all three jaws are removed and replaced at one time. High accuracy clamping is automatic.

In high production work involving a family of parts, a separate plate containing the top jaws for each part can be stored on a rack next to the turning center. An operator, or more typically a robot, can rapidly change out the whole chuck face. Due to its auto clamping feature, the AJC Chucking System can accomplish complete changeovers in less than 30 seconds. This capability is extremely important in today's environment where manufacturers are running smaller job lot quantities to meet just-in-time production standards.

Flexibility is a key issue with the AJC Chucking System. It offers maximum productivity when either a robot or gantry loader is used to change the chuck faces. When a robot loader and a vision part-identification system is integrated into the turning call, LMC's AJC Chucking System can provide 100% untended operation.

The AJC Chucking System is available in five sizes to suit a broad range of specialized turning applications. Upon request, Logansport Matsumoto can supply all elements of the AJC Chucking System including top jaws.

The LMC Workholding line includes...

- LMC and Matsumoto hydraulic power chucks, cylinders and wheel chucks;

- LMC Rotary tables for single and multiple axis CNC turning, EDM and other machining applications;

- Atling Steady Rests;

- Neidlein face divers, as well as live and dead centers.

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