Chemical Proportioners ensure dilution accuracy.

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Offering fail-safe operation, AccuPro(TM) Series Proportioners are designed with pressure-regulating technology that ensures dilution accuracy at push of button, while relieving effects of water-pressure fluctuations when dispensing cleaning chemicals. Dilution fluctuations could result in chemicals that do not provide required cleaning power or non-compliance with regulatory body mandates.

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New AccuPro(TM) Series Chemical Proportioners Relieve the Effects of Water-Pressure Variations

CINCINNATI, OH - As a way to combat the variations in water pressure that can adversely affect the dilution accuracy of chemical proportioning units when they dispense cleaning chemicals, Hydro Systems Co. has introduced the AccuPro(TM) Series of chemical proportioners. The patent-pending AccuPro proportioners have been designed with pressure-regulating technology that delivers an easy, economical way to ensure dilution accuracy at the push of a button, while relieving the effects of water-pressure fluctuations.

Fluctuations in water pressure are detrimental to the dilution accuracy of chemical proportioning units for a number of reasons. Specifically, as water pressure increases more water flows through the system. At higher water pressures, the flow of water through the dispenser exceeds the ability of the proportioning unit to consistently draw the appropriate amount of chemical into the water stream thereby resulting in improperly diluted chemicals. This is a concern for the end-user since improperly diluted chemical cleaners do not provide the required cleaning power, creating an inability to meet prescribed cleaning standards. In more critical applications such as those requiring the use of sanitizers and/or disinfectants, these dilution fluctuations could result in non-compliance with health department and other regulatory body mandates.

The design of the AccuPro Series proportioners guarantees that target dilution ratios are achieved, every time regardless of water pressure. This fail-safe operation provides a wide range of benefits, including:

o Proper Chemical Performance - Properly diluted chemicals work the way they were designed to work, meaning no more poor performance because the diluted solution was too weak to do the job.

o Labor Savings - When weak solutions are used to clean, more labor is needed. You can add more labor when you clean the first time, or you can add more labor to clean it again-but either way you will add more labor in order to reach the desired cleanliness level.

o Liability - Do you want to risk using a disinfectant or sanitizer that isn't diluted and dispensed at the correct dilution?

o No Leaks - Because they are located before the proportioning unit, most external water-pressure regulators are under constant water pressure and will eventually develop leaks. The AccuPro proportioner features a leak-free design.

o Location, Location, Location - Most external pressure regulators are placed too far in front of where they are actually needed, as close as possible to the chemical injection point, they are also vulnerable to potential pressure drops between the regulator and eductor. Only the AccuPro technology puts the pressure regulator exactly where it needs to be for optimal performance-right in front of the eductor.

o Consistent Appearance Levels - Your level of clean won't vary with the water pressure in your building; you'll be able to deliver your targeted cleanliness level every time.

For more information on the AccuPro(TM) Series or any Hydro Systems products, please contact Hydro Systems Co. at (800) 543 7184 or visit

Hydro Systems Co., founded in 1963, is the world's largest independent manufacturer of proportioning, dosing and dispensing systems for concentrated chemicals, serving the janitorial, institutional, foodservice, commercial cleaning, industrial and automotive-care markets. All of Hydro Systems' proportioning, dosing, foaming and dispensing systems meet International Plumbing Code (IPC), Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) and American Society of Sanitary Engineering (ASSE) 1055: Performance Requirements for Chemical Dispensers regulatory standards and codes. Headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, Hydro Systems also maintains international offices in the United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia and China. For more information, please visit

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