Chemical Company Chooses High-Performance Tote Oven to Safely Heat Toxic Materials

SANDUSKY, OH – LEWCO recently delivered a 300°F High-Performance Tote Heater to a leading company in the specialty chemicals industry. The customer expressed to LEWCO Engineers they needed a tote heater that would not only be safe to heat their potentially toxic material, but also provide a quick heat-up time.  A LEWCO High-Performance Oven was the perfect solution. Compared to Traditional Hot Boxes, High-Performance Ovens are safer by design and provide a 25% faster heat-up time.


The oven features a top mounted steam heater box with a high efficiency circulating fan to evenly distribute airflow to the workspace. Electronic temperature controls actuate a proportional steam valve and solenoid valve to automatically reduce or cut off the supply steam in the event an over-temperature condition is met. The customer also specified that the oven would need to be suitable for outdoor installation. LEWCO engineers included their standard Outdoor Service Package, which features premium paint, fully caulked seams, door trim, and a NEMA 4 enclosure.  Another unique feature that was added to the oven was a indicating gage on the sump drain, so the customer could monitor if their tote was leaking.  Additionally, the customer requested windows on both doors to allow them to periodically monitor the tote while it is being heated.          

LEWCO manufactures a full line of High-Performance Drum Tote Ovens suitable for heating flammable and combustible materials. Optional NFPA 86 Class A rating is available. To learn more, speak to a LEWCO Applications Engineer today or visit

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