Changing and Monitoring Schenck AccuRate Bulk Solids Metering Process and Control Parameters is Made Easy Using Bluetooth Technology

Utilizing Bluetooth wireless technology, Schenck AccuRate now has the capability to change the parameters on its range of bulk solids metering controls without the need for cable hook ups. What this entails is servicing can now be done from a computer up to 300 feet away, which eliminates the problems associated with having to hook up equipment located on scaffolds, in tight spaces, dirty work environments, and near hazardous materials. There is no need to run long cables from the control enclosure for changing parameters or viewing the operation of the feeder. Additionally, several pieces of equipment can be simultaneously connected and monitored.

The Schenck Bluetooth module and USB to Bluetooth adapter make connection easy to any PC and provide communication with the Schenck AccuRate DISOCONT® control platform.

For additional information on Bluetooth wireless technology offered with Schenck AccuRate products please call 1-800-558-0184, visit, or contact an authorized Schenck AccuRate representative.

Schenck AccuRate is a unit of Schenck Process GmbH and a global supplier of bulk solids metering equipment and systems including MECHATRON® volumetric and gravimetric screw feeders, PureFeed® sanitary feeders, DEA and DMO weighfeeders, Multicor® and DLM solids flow meters, SacMaster® bulk bag discharging systems, BEMP(TM) belt scales, SolidsFlow® louvered vibratory feeders and DISOCONT® gravimetric control systems.

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