Chain Conveyor has ergonomic design for moving small parts.

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Designed to convey small parts, assembly components, and fasteners, Part-Tote® features low-profile, floor-level hopper for ergonomic loading and conveyor that elevates parts to overhead feed hoppers, vibratory bowls, or storage bins. Conveyor is also suited for inter-floor use and has modular design that can be modified to match any application. Conveyor belt consists of articulated compartments with flush side panels that prevent part spillage and protect against conveyor jams.

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Ergonomic Conveyor Moves Small Assembly Parts and Fasteners

Mayfran International Part-Tote® conveyor provides easy and ergonomic floor level loading, then elevates parts to assembly distribution devices or workstations

Mayfran International (Cleveland, OH), a leader in the design and manufacture of chip and scrap handling and coolant cleaning equipment has available a parts transport handling technology...the Part-Tote® conveyor. The Part-Tote is designed for conveying and elevating small parts, assembly components and fasteners such as screws, nuts and bolts. The Part-Tote conveyor features a low-profile, floor- level hopper that makes for ergonomic loading while the conveyor elevates the parts to overhead feed hoppers, vibratory bowls or storage bins. The Part-Tote is also ideal for lifting parts from below floor pits, for moving parts from floor to floor, or virtually any processing or packaging application requiring a change in elevation.

The Part-Tote unit features modular, standard design concepts that are easily modified to match any application including physical system requirements and volume part handling. The control unit is designed to feed on demand, with intermittent operation to provide the correct flow of parts as needed.

The Part-Tote incorporates Mayfran's proven chain design that distributes pressure loads over larger areas to limit chain wear, reducing maintenance requirements, minimizing replacement/repair costs while providing long service life. The rugged conveyor belt is actually a series of articulated compartments linked to a roller chain that features flush side panels, integral to the pan preventing part spillage and protecting against conveyor jams. An exclusive Mayfran safety clutch mechanism guards the conveyor's drive system from overloads.

Because the conveyor relies upon compartmentalized sections to transport parts, materials moved may be ferrous or non-ferrous alloys including aluminum, plastics, ceramics, magnesium and coated pieces. The articulated construction of the belt along with the partitioned design allows the belt to follow difficult travel paths including convex and concave curves without spillage and, equally important, without parts jamming the conveyor. Conveyor components are fabricated from high quality, heavy gauge materials, with close tolerance fits to ensure part handing without damage or loss.

In addition to the Part-Tote Conveyor system, Mayfran produces a wide variety of chip and coolant handling systems for machine tools and machining operations. Included are the ConSep 1000, ConSep 2000, ConSep 2000 II, ConSep CrosBelt systems, and the centralized Viavent system for facility-wide chip and coolant handling system. Other systems include the Magna-Tote® Conveyor for coolant/chip separation, machine tool Chip-Tote conveyors, the AT-Coolant Cleaner filters, plus systems for grinding operations and custom applications.

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