Ceramic Compound casts high temperature components.

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With greater than 91% alumina content, Ceramacast(TM) 510 is suitable for producing high temperature castings and molds for applications to 3,200°F. Hydraulic-setting product is bonded with calcium aluminate cement, which enables it to maintain dielectric strength of 75-100 V/mil at elevated temperatures. Supplied in powder form, Ceramacast(TM) 510 is mixed with water to paste-like consistency that provides 1-hr pot life and hardening time of 5 hr. Full cure is achieved in 24 hr at room temperature.

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New Ceramacast 510 for High Temperature Castings

Ceramacast(TM) 510, a new high temperature castable ceramic developed by Aremco Products, Inc., is now used to cast and mold high temperature components and fixtures for applications to 3200°F (1760ºC). FEATURES
Ceramacast(TM) 510 is an aluminum oxide (alumina) based, hydraulic-setting ceramic compound ideal for producing high temperature castings and molds for applications to 3200°F (1760ºC). Ceramacast(TM) 510 has high alumina content, greater than 91%, and a high cast and dried density of 180 lbs/ft3 (2880 kg/m3). It is bonded with calcium aluminate cement that enables it to maintain high mechanical strength and a high dielectric strength of 75-100 volts per mil at elevated temperatures, far better than silicate bonded grouts. Ceramacast(TM) 510 is supplied in a powder form. When mixed with water to a paste like consistency (100 parts powder to 15-19 parts water), it provides a one-hour pot life and hardening time of 5 hours. A full cure is achieved after drying at room temperature for 24 hours. Cured product exhibits zero shrinkage and less than 1% shrinkage at 1000°F. Typical applications for Ceramacast(TM) 510 include the fabrication of heat-treating fixtures and crucibles for handling molten metals and encapsulating induction-heating coils. Ceramacast tm 510 is supplied from stock in quart, gallon, and five-gallon pails. It is one of a series of Ceramacast(TM) products that provide exceptional high temperature electrical and mechanical properties. For more information about this advanced material, please contact Aremco's Technical Sales Department.

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