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Cabinet PDUs offer per outlet power sensing.

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Jun 29, 2011 - Providing secure always-on outlet status, Smart POPS CDUs combine power distribution with local and remote power and environmental monitoring. Built-in network interface lets user view power, temperature, and humidity levels via Web browser, or receive SNMP-based alarms when conditions exceed defined thresholds. Power information per outlet includes Current load, Voltage, Power, Apparent power, Crest factor, and Power factor. Expansion CDU can be added to master unit via single IP address.

Server Technology, Inc. - Reno, NV

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Server Technology Introduces New Product Family, Smart POPS (TM) (Per Outlet Power Sensing) CDUs(TM) , for Data Center Power Management

Press release date: Jun 23, 2011

Customer demand leads to new product family with individual device power monitoring with secure 'always-on' outlet status

RENO, Nev., -- Server Technology, Inc., the global leader for Cabinet Power Distribution Units (CDU) and Power Measurement and Monitoring Solutions, today announced the release of the Smart POPS (Per Outlet Power Sensing) CDU product family.

"Customers are happy to see that we are building out our high-end product lines to incorporate more varieties of outlets, power types, and feature sets to accommodate their specific needs," said Brandon Ewing, president of Server Technology. "We've developed the Smart POPS product family to meet the needs of data center managers who need individual device level power measurements with secure outlet power that is always on. Our POPS technology is the most accurate, granular, device level power monitoring available in the CDU market today. Our engineers have a passion for innovation and are committed to meeting the demands of our customers with unique solutions," said Ewing.

The Smart POPS CDUs were originally created when one of the world's largest financial institutions came to Server Technology and was seeking a solution that would provide power measurements on their individual servers, but as a financial institution they also needed the peace of mind that their outlet state would never be turned to off. Unlike our Switched CDUs which do provide outlet reboot status, Server Technology's Smart CDUs' outlets are always on. Additionally, they provide reliable power distribution combined with local and remote power and environmental monitoring via IP.

"Although our Switched POPS CDUs are a fantastic solution, some customers prefer the added security of non-switched receptacles. There is a concern that someone could, by accident, power down the wrong outlet and cause a loss of critical data," said Steve Hammond, Product Manager at Server Technology, "Smart POPS CDUs keep critical devices online while providing the outlet monitoring data they need."

Smart CDUs feature a built-in network interface to view power, temperature and humidity levels via Web browser, or receive SNMP-based alarms when conditions exceed defined thresholds. When combined with our POPS technology currently deployed on our Switched POPS CDUs, the Smart POPS CDU was born. Power information per outlet includes: Current load (A), Voltage (V), Power (kW), Apparent power (VA), Crest factor, and Power factor. An expansion Smart POPS CDU can also be added to the master unit via a single IP address.

Once the financial institution deployed the Smart POPS CDUs into their data center, they immediately began to measure their actual power consumption per device with a secure 'always-on' outlet state. This data allowed them to identify their underutilized servers and take action to fix the problem. They also deployed Sentry Power Manager (SPM) which globally monitors, stores, reports, and trends CDU power and environmental data globally over the entire network. By using Smart POPS CDUs and SPM, the financial institution can now monitor and trend power on all their connected devices, groups of devices, individual racks, rows, or the entire facility. This information allowed them to make immediate critical decisions regarding their facility and helped to lower costs. The return on investment was a few months.

"We believe in high-end, high-quality CDUs. This new product family adds to our over 1,700 product skus," said Ewing, "And because we only do CDUs at Server Technology, our focused engineering expertise means you are getting the highest quality product in a market that is filled with sub-par knock-offs. The release of Smart POPS CDUs marks the beginning of several more industry leading products we will be releasing this year."

Smart POPS CDUs are currently available through Server Technology or one of our Channel Partners. Contact a Server Technology Power Expert today to find a solution that is right for your project.

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