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Button- or Software-Controlled USB Microscope has automatic focus.

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Button- or Software-Controlled USB Microscope has automatic focus.

Jul 24, 2012 - Auto Focus USB microscope UM05 can be controlled automatically, using single or continuous auto focus function, or with manual zoom. Unit delivers 2 megapixel resolution live images, in JPGE format, to PC without distortion. Included software has measurement, image comparison, image direction control, and aiming focus functions. Microscope also has metal stand for stable observations.

Vitiny - Dashu Township, TWN

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Vitiny USB Microscope Captures Real Time Image with Auto Focus Function

Press release date: Jul 17, 2012

Vitiny's newest generation Auto Focus USB microscope UM05 can observe objects by automatically or manual zoom. Above all, the Auto Focus can be achieved by PC software or manually press the machine buttons. It can satisfy the demand on the different position of observation. The advantage is Vitiny's unique technology.

The delicate UM05 applies the self-developed application software, connecting to computer and deliver 2M pixels live image to PC by motion JPGE mode, the data is delivered fast without image distortion. When User puts UM05 over the observed object, you can choose single or continuous AF function as well as manually turning the clear focus, so that to control your observable subject. Let you easily move the lens and view the different level of the observed object.

Its package includes a metal stand. You can proceed observation not to touch the UM05. It gets rid of nervous hand shaking. The professional software is also attached, which includes measurement function, image comparison function, image direction control function and aiming focus function.

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