Burn-In and Test Sockets feature clam-shell lid design.

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Suitable for most any package type, Burn-In and Test Sockets feature floating Z-axis pressure plate that allows for tolerances in package thickness. Sockets use flat pin technology for 0.4 mm, 0.5 mm, and larger pitch devices. Highest performance pin provides bandwidth up to 30 GHz at -1 db with current capacity of 3.0 A. Built with plastic and aluminum, machined semi-custom pogo pin sockets have temperature range from -50 to +155°C and life span of more than 25,000 insertions.

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A Reliable Burn-In Test Socket That Won't Burn-Out on You

Customizable, low cost, fast delivery.

Robson Technologies, Inc. (RTI) announces the latest addition to their extensive line of customizable test solutions: a low cost machined burn-in and test socket for most any package type. These reliable test sockets use a clam-shell lid design with a floating z-axis pressure plate allowing for tolerances in package thickness. The sockets use new high performance and innovative flat pin technology for 0.4mm, 0.5mm and larger pitch devices. Multiple types of pins are available for the sockets depending on test requirements. Our highest performance pin provides a bandwidth of up to 30GHz @ -1db with a current capacity of 3.0A. Lower cost pins are available for DC burn-in applications. The pins have a high spring force suitable for lead-free packages.

Machined semi-custom pogo pin sockets offer greater flexibility in design than injection molded "off the shelf" alternatives. Heat sinks can be built into the lid or socket base. There are no tooling fees associated with these sockets, fees typically encountered with other burn-in providers. These sockets handle packages (including die level) with pitches as tight as 0.4mm, temperatures from -50°C to +155°C, and have a life span of greater than 25.000 insertions. They are built with high performance plastics and aluminum making them a robust and reliable solution test after test.

Robson Technologies, Inc. has been a pioneer in the design, manufacture and assembly of high quality, reliable, customizable test solutions for over 20 years. RTI has changed the way companies world wide test their emerging products by offering innovative turn-key solutions that meet the most strict test requirements in today's market.

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