Breakthrough LDMOS Power from Richardson Electronics

Freescale's MRFE6VP61K25 Sets Ruggedness Standard at 1.25kW

Freescale Semiconductor has introduced the first 50V LDMOS power transistor that can deliver its full rated output power of 1.25kW after withstanding a load mismatch VSWR of 65:1 - across ALL phase angles. This extreme ruggedness capability represents a major advancement over the current RF power transistor choices for designers of defense/aerospace amplifiers, CO2 laser exciters, plasma generators, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) RF amplifier systems, particle accelerator amplifiers, FM and DVB-T broadcast amplifiers, and a wide variety of HF/VHF communications equipment linear amplifiers over the frequency range from 1.8 to 600 MHz.

Additional important features of the MRFE6VP61K25H/HS include:
  • Device can be used single-ended or in a Push-Pull configuration.
  • Robust 24dB gain allows for fewer stages in many amplifier designs.
  • Low Thermal Resistance.
  • Characterized from 30V to 50V supply voltage.
  • Capable of 1250 Watts CW or Pulse operation.
  • Available in both bolt-down and solder-down ceramic packaging.

    A quick demonstration video is available (Lab Demo - High Rugged Test) regarding the enhanced ruggedness at 65:1 load VSWR (all phase angles) for this family of LDMOS high-powered transistors from Freescale Semiconductor.

    Reference designs for the MRFE6VP61K25, datasheets, and the product itself are available from Richardson Electronics, 1-800-737-6937 (North America); or find your local sales engineer worldwide at

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