Boron Nitride Ceramic targets heat sink applications.

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Resistant to operating temperatures of 1,600°C, Aremcolox(TM) 502-1600-94 produces electrically insulative and thermally conductive components used in high power electronics and plasma arc welding equipment. Hot-pressed, 94% purity machinable ceramic features thermal conductivity of 55 W/m-K at 25°C and 33 W/m-K at 500°C, and dielectric strength of 53 V/mm x 103. Available in rods, bars, and plates, ceramic is inorganic, inert, and non-wetted by most molten metals and slags.

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Aremcolox 502-1600-94 Boron Nitride Ceramic Now Available

Valley Cottage, NY -


Aremcolox(TM) 502-1600-94, a hot-pressed, 94% purity boron nitride ceramic offered by Aremco Products, Inc., is now used to produce electrically insulative and thermal conductive components used in high power electronics, plasma arc welding equipment, and semiconductor crystal growth equipment at temperatures to 1600 °C.


Aremcolox(TM) 502-1600-94 is a hot-pressed, 94% purity boron nitride machinable ceramic that provides high thermal conductivity and electrical insulation properties. Thermal conductivity is 55 W/m-K at 25 °C and 33 W/m-K at 500 °C; the dielectric strength is 53 V/mm x 103, dielectric constant is 4.2 at 1 GHz, loss tangent is 0.0003 at 1 GHz, and volume resistivity is 108 at 700 °C.

Aremcolox(TM) 502-1600-94 demonstrates a unique combination of being an excellent electrical insulator and thermal conductor, making it ideal for use in heat sink applications in high power electronics. A high thermal shock resistance and low coefficient of thermal expansion of 4.0 in/in/ oC x 10-6 make it ideal for high
temperature applications such as plasma arc welding equipment and semiconductor crystal growth and processing equipment. This ceramic is also inorganic, inert, and non-wetted by most molten metals and slags.

Aremcolox(TM) 502-1600-94 is resistant to operating temperatures of 1600 °C in a vacuum and 850 ºC in an oxidizing atmosphere. Additional properties include a flexural strength 7.5 x 103 psi at room temperature, compressive strength of 10 x 103 psi, and modulus of elasticity of 9 x 106 psi.

Aremcolox(TM) 502-1600-94 is available in standard rods from ¼" to 3" diameter x 12" long, bars from ¼" x ¼" to 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" x 12", and plates from ¼" to 1" thick x 10" x 10". Additional sizes and custom parts can be fabricated upon request.

Please contact Aremco's Technical Sales Department for more information about this advanced product and email engineering drawings to to receive a quotation.

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